Zelda Retrospective: Majora’s Mask

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  1. John Johnnerson says:

    Majoras mask is the best zelda game. The skull kid became vulnerable because he was abandoned by his only friends, the four giants. The creepy imagery was setting an overall tone. The reuse of character designs was because termina is an alternate universe and will thus have alternate versions of hyrule characters. Tatl is less annoying than navi because she actually has a real character and mostly because instead of “hey heeeeeeeey” tatl uses a much subtler music cue. The game didn’t seem as epic because much of it was tied to the side quests. Helping people on a closer level produces much more of an emotional reaction. I always had much more satisfaction from saving Romani from aliens or reuniting anju and kafei than I ever did rescuing the sages or refilling lake hylia. There is also a greater sense of danger in majoras mask because you get to see what happens if the quests aren’t completed in that cycle. The numerous side quests also result in a much less linear experience than its predecessor. With oot encouraged exploration, majoras mask barely gives you a helping hand with most side quests which constitute the bulk of the game, thus increasing the satisfaction of their completion to an even greater degree. To sum up, greater atmosphere, sense of urgency, sense of danger, complex characters, more open ended gameplay, and greater emotional reactions all result in a clearly superior successor to the already legendary ocarina of time.

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