YouTube can suck it

I had hoped that this would not be my first foray into a weekly article posting on this site. Yes, it is my hope to provide a written commentary or article each Saturday now on topics ranging from television to possible movies to wrestling to any possible subjects in the entertainment realm. This will not necessarily be from “Rowdy’s” perspective, although Rowdy is essentially an exaggerated character created from my own idiosyncrasies. No, these articles are the straight up opinions of me, myself and I.

And I had hoped that I wouldn’t have to start by beating this dead horse again, But then again, how can the horse be dead when it keep kicking at you?

YouTube and the big studio copyright nazis are at it again. The Mysterious Mr. Enter, who I have stated to be one of my own favorite reviewers, had his YouTube channel killed because Viacom, Nickelodeon’s parent company, complained one too many times. So Mr. Enter joins the elite group that includes Doug Walker, SciFi Debris and Confused Matthew to be victims of YouTube and Google being in bed with major studios who are more concerned with who’s uploading what online that actually producing good content and getting taken down any video that has even five seconds of their material on it.

Have I mentioned that YouTube can go to hell?

It’s done mostly for bullying, and most of the time they don’t have a leg to stand on. I should know. Fox flagged my review of Season Six of Buffy. When I challenged the claim, it was eventually dismissed – on the grounds that Fox didn’t even bother with a rebuttal. Then they turned around and had my entire Frak Ups list 3 taken down with a copyright strike – for having ac lip from King of the Hill in it. In a video where I explained why I hadn’t even reviewed King of the Hill on my show!!!

The worst part is that this has nothing to do with protecting copyrights and we all know it. This is about Nick and Viacom having thin skin and not being able to take just criticism. I have frequently stated to not be a Spongebob fan, having already been 20 years old when the show debuted, but I have watched enough of Enter’s reviews to understand the general gripes with the show currently. The show is the kids programming equivalent of Family Guy in having gone down the tubes with bad characterization and unfunny jokes. Hey Nick, if you actually produced better material, you wouldn’t have to deal with people like Mr. Enter.

Heck, maybe it isn’t even Viacom at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if the complaints lodged against Enter were instead made by one or even many butt-hurt fanboys of the show who can’t take the heat. Heck, when I voiced my support for Enter on Twitter, one of said fanboys that I never met before had to respond with “Mr. Enter sucks.”Hey, that’s the opinion someone has the right to have, but the fact that he saw my comment tells me this was a hater that is essentially stalking Enter, and yeah, that’s rarely good.

This is the bottom line of why I have pretty much quit uploading full episodes of TV Trash to my YouTube channel and have uploaded pretty much nothing but the promos. In fact, a commenter recently posted this question on one of my Rowdy Riffs on YouTube, asking why I don’t upload the Riff with the video it’s meant to be riffing. Simply put: Because YouTube would take it down, which is the very reason Riffs are used in this very format.

Besides, if YouTube doesn’t want our business, they can stick it where the sun don’t shine. Mr. Enter has been hastily uploading his stuff to Dailymotion, which is of course my secondary place to place content behind Manic Expression’s Springboard account. With Blip and MAker STudios having cast away the ne’er-do-wells like us, maybe we can help launch a provider like Dailymotion or even Zippcast to geezer prominence and even force YouTube to reconsider by having to deal with competition.

Or maybe not, given al the money and power Google has. They can pretty much do what they want.

In the meantime, I believe I heard that Enter has even considered legal counsel in his own process of fighting to get his YouTube channel back. I have personally believed that, if enough people got together, a class action suit against the likes of Google could eventually lead to the DMCA being declared unconstitutional. Could Mr. Enter be the one to start up something like that? Our freedoms of expression are constantly under assault ; maybe the time is coming for us to try and use the law in our favor instead.

Whew, well, at least that was cathartic in some way. Hopefully things will get much better in the coming weeks. On the other hand, maybe not. Fair warning – some of what I post in the future will definitely have a “devil’s advocate” approach to some pretty hot topics. And it’s likely going to start next week.

In the meantime, look for more exciting stuff coming to RowdyC soon. I have new people showing their videos and/or linking to their blog articles starting up in the next week or so. And of course, more special productions and rewards are in the works for all my Petreon contributors, which you can become a part of at I will be detailing just what is in store for htose Patreons in a new video very soon.

Stay Rowdy, My Friends.

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  1. My love affair with YouTube ended a couple years ago because I can’t handle the copyright rules and it reached a point I don’t log on as often as I would love to. Plus they also made more layout changes than necessary and people with director accounts get more attention than those we could otherwise make friends with. And truth is, I don’t trust any video sharing site would be any better about it.

    With so many holdings of archives going back years of material once owned by studios that were bought out or closed down years before the existence of YouTube or the internet, it’s just piggish for today’s corporations to wave it in our face that they are the rights owners even if they don’t bother to distribute the shows themselves. As for current or recent shows, well let’s at least acknowledge that it’s time for a new copyright act, one that takes into account what all has changed since 1976 and something that works on an international level as well. It’s going to be the beginning of dangerous times if our ability to perform on a two-way level is taken away from us.

  2. blue24 says:

    I know this is a little late (hey, 8 months off is better than 2 years), but I made an article that you may agree with. I made it before reading your post, but I happen to share a lot of your views (the “copyright” excuse = hiding criticism). I made the Wiki Answer’s community answer:

  3. blue24 says:

    …Right, so what I left was erased I guess. I doubt the entire post could be construed as BS enough to kill it with no explanation, but oh well. I’ll paste it if anyone on planet Earth cares.

  4. gamewafflez says:

    I’m surprise you did a good review on this but someone made an Encyclopedia Dramatica articles and a Kiwi Farms post on you because you mentioned Mr. Enter:, and

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