Wrestling Mark Show: Five Worst Moments for WWE Women

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  1. I do not challenge your #1. What in the everloving #$% hell! There are two I’m surprised didn’t at least lengthen the list though. The match where two women wrestled in gravy and giblets around Thanksgiving is like “how can we outdo mud wrestling for most sexist…I mean sexy women’s wrestling match” and sadly they worked on it. It was even used against Linda McMahon during her first run for a local seat here in Connecticut.

    Then there was the storyline where one women’s wrestler forced a straight woman wrestler to sleep with her. You know that was for the boys who think they’re men. I don’t think GLOW had a storyline like that but I didn’t watch enough to find out.

    • rowdycmoore says:

      I think you may be referring to the storyline in Dec. 2002 where Dawn Marie was dating Torrie Wilson’s (fictitious) father, blackmailed Torrie into sleeping with her to stop her from marrying the father, married the dad anyway, and then the dad died on their wedding night so they could do some f*cked up Cinderella angle.

      And then then next angle the put Torrie in after that one came to a merciful end was her feuding with Nidia as part of a Girls Gone Wild cross-promotion! Yeah, that one definitely could have made the list.

  2. I do have to say, I disagree with you on the Dudley Boyz thing.

    I see that as the Dudley Boyz being good heels. Though, I cannot exactly defend why Jim Ross was told to like them on THAT night, even though it was clearly heelish behavior, and usually he condemned the Dudleys for these acts, (as I distinctly recall after this, Jim Ross would ADMONISH Bubba for that “trance” he went in after assaulting the women, and call them “the damn Dudleys”, and would later on, just not in the Trish case, which is weird,) and I actually had a lot of respect for some of the ladies for taking such hardcore bumps like that. Which is often seen as it’s own form of respect for being able to take that physical action. It’s more like a badge of honor to be able to take those bumps in a business where it’s often seen as toughness to take bumps like that. Like say, Mick Foley’s kudos and respect for essentially being beaten within an inch of his life, often for the company. Really, the only thing that makes that point is that one night where Jim Ross being told to like that, even though I suspect it’s just because T&A were intended to also be heels, and it was more or less just bad timing and a bad call that night. Dudleys vs T&A that night was just an unfortunate case of Heels vs Heels, and not knowing much how to call it. Something, if I recall correctly, they fixed the next week and so on.

    Though I do think you absolutely have a point with most of the others. I may be a fan of the Attitude Era, but I NEVER liked how it treated women in general. I can’t defend it, and I never enjoyed that aspect, when women were not given interesting personalities or much in-ring time.

  3. By the way. The Austin thing was indefensible. That was stupid of WWE. That was cringeworthy and you are 100% right. Not that i’m defending this in any way, but here’s what I think their terribly misguided mindset for this was. I think they were trying to play the sympathy card with Stacy, by making her look like a poor put-upon victim of everyone from all sides. But of course, the crowd are idiots and they cheered Austin. Becuase Austin is Austin, and you’re right about him never showing remorse for this in-character, or his abuse of his wife OUT-of-character, which, as much as I hate to say it, kind of makes Steve Austin the original WWE equivelent of Chris Brown. I was a fan of the Austin character but because of this, part of me harbors a grudge for Steve as a”man”, irl.

  4. One last thing to mention about the Lita angle. I do disagree with how the fans kept going with that. I mean, it’s not like they didn’t have a precedence or a reason, though it is admittedly a bad reason. But this was during a time when wrestling fans were intentionally confused by WWE over this whole thing how much was real and how much was story-line, because WWE made the boneheaded decision to turn the affair into an angle instead of letting it go like they should have. I blame WWE for that, and for whipping up the fans into a mob rage because of how much they tried to make Edge and Lita look slimy and hateable for what was, in real life, a human error of passion that they legitimately felt actually terrible about. The fans went too far, but WWE gave them every stupid reason to go too far, by mixing real life and angle in a way that I still feel is not ok. `

    And as a side-note, even ECW, weirdly enough, can be blamed for the “She’s a crack whore” chant, as that is a common ECW chant, that became famous during the Tommy Dreamer vs Raven feud when it started to involve Francine and Beulah. How that morphed into this, i’m not entirely sure, but I do have a theory… I remember that ECW One Night Stand was around this time, and ON that PPV, Paul Heyman himself drugged up the issue between them on THAT PPV, and perhaps this was also ECW fans adding their self-indulgent, over-the-top behavior into that mix, by reviving an old chant for another infamous storyline there, that I referenced earlier that you’d probably be just as upset about.

  5. Also, I think you could have included the treatment of Vicki Guerrero on this list.

    So, WWE gave Eddie’s widow a job to help her out financially. That was nice of them. Although you wouldn’t have known it from her WWE created character.

    I COULD say “Oh she was just a good heel” but she wasn’t a good “heel”, it was the cheapest heel heat ever. They essentially shamed her for her voice and told her to play it up, they made her look slimy and completely unfaithful to Eddie by pairing her up with Edge and making that relationship as cringey as the one with Lita on TV. It’s like they gave her a paycheck but at the same time made her pay for it by WWE passive-aggressively saddling her with a character that made her look like she just disrespected Eddie outright.

    And also, how is it that you don’t have the entire treatment of Mickie James and HER way out from the company? The “Piggy James” story-line and departure from the company is even WORSE than the one they did to Lita.

    • rowdycmoore says:

      I have considered doing another list for some other incidents I could have covered as well. The one thing I will disagree with you on was the Piggie James arc for a few reasons: It was supposedly done as a result of wrestling fans on online forums calling Mickie fat (so another one to blame the fans for), it was clearly done with the intent of making Mickie look sympathetic, and Mickie herself has since said she had no problem with it. And I was a huge Mickie fan. I was so upset when I heard about her release and the belief that she was pushed back because of Michelle McCool’s relationship with Undertaker (rumors I’ve since heard to have been completely overblown) that when I next saw Michelle at a WWE event, I chanted “Eat some burgers!” at her – and then I found out how Michelle had suffered from an eating disorder in real life, and I’ve never forgiven myself for that. It’s among the reasons I don’t trust dirt sheets outright anymore, I don’t assume a wrestler is a bad person just from what some fans say and I try to do as much research as I can on these subjects.

  6. Victim-blaming is not an “SJW” term Chris, it fucking exists, deal with it:http://www.cnn.com/2014/09/24/justice/woman-blamed-for-her-rape/

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