Update on Video embeds

For those wondering, while I am currently pushing to get the next Rowdy & Friends episode finished (I want it released to at least $10 Patreons by Monday at the latest), I am also in the process of making sure all my video posts at least include embeds from sources other than Vidme in the wake of Vidme shutting down. As of this post, almost all TV Trash posts have been fixed, and I will then be moving on to the Zelda Retrospective, Ninja Turtles Retrospective, NewsCrap, Wrestling Mark and Rowdy & Friends.

Here’s the tentative plan so far: Within the next few days, I should be making sure most if not all my videos are up on Springboard (unless they have an uncensored YouTube upload). Within the next couple of months, I will be looking at an additional embed for all videos, be they through OneDrive or Vimeo. I will keep you informed.
Stay Rowdy!

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