Update – January 2018

So for those not aware, after several weeks of battling personal issues and my video production getting very sporadic and spur of the moment, I decided to get away from things this weekend. As this is posted, I remain in Arkansas where, among other things, I looked to get away from distractions and focus on writing. I will tell you this trip was definitely what I needed to clear my head and not only get these scripts for future videos taken care of but finally get a posting schedule finalized, at least as far as my two main shows are concerned. I apologize if things have been sporadic recently, but here’s what I have planned for now.

This coming Monday/Tuesday, I should be sharing with Patreons the episode of TV Trash that will summarize the entire Hanna Barbera Superstars 10, which will be publicly posted on the site the following Monday (1/22). I should post something on the website this Monday – likely the release of another former Patreon review thaw was made a year ago. On 1/29, I will hopefully post a Rowdy & Friends sketch quickie to tide everyone over there. The rest of the tentative spring season is as follows:

TV Trash – The Nutshack
Rowdy & Friends – Rowdy’s Big Break

TV Trash – Ferris Bueller
Rowdy & Friends – NARCats

TV Trash – That 80s Show (pending episode acquisition)
Rowdy & Friends – Back to the Totally 80s

TV Trash – Dan Vs
Rowdy & Friends – Rowdy’s Moving Day

There will also be more Patreon reviews as I plan them out. At least one review of a Friends episode is planned for sharing by next month.

I’m also planning out what will come in the summer and will share that with you once it’s finalized.

Hopefully this will clear things up with everyone and give me more focus going into this year.

Stay Rowdy, My Friends.

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