Update – 6/23

Hey, everyone, it’s definitely time that I updated you on exactly what has been going on here and the status of the show’s conversion.

At the moment, I have made it through the first two full seasons of my Rowdy Reviewer videos put up on Springboard. This has been at a rate of uploading two videos a day to Springboard and then posting one a day to Manic Expression.

Currently, my plan looks like as follows: All Rowdy Reviewer episodes, like TV Trash and the retrospectives, will be on Manic Expression’s Springboard channel. The Wrestling Mark and Pod Pizza Guy videos (yes, I do plan to make more of this) will likely go onto YouTube for now. Some might go additional places like onto Zippcast, but those are at least where the videos are definitely going.

The big thing I am debating is the status of the videos on Reviewers Unknown. Don’t worry, I am sticking around with RU as long as they want me. It’s just a matter of how I will be showing my videos on their site – if I’m using the Springboard embeds, Zippcast or something else entirely. I will definitely be getting Ozzie’s take on what will work best.

This is mainly due to the fact that I am still wondering if I am going to do embeds or links on RowdyC, as well as on RU. There are reasons for this, but trust me, I will figure it out eventually.

One good thing is that I am hopefully very close to publicizing my Patreon campaign. I have been holding off on that due to figuring out how to provide the prizes for donors as well as creating them. At the moment, those will include Rowdy Riffs, but I have plans for additional gifts as well and can hopefully make them happen.

Even if Rowdy is on hiatus at the moment, I need to get back to updating the site in some ways, I have still been posting links to James’ “Last of the Americans” reviews, and I really should get back to posting John’s “Video Masters” episodes.

Either way, things are progressing as fast and as best as they can, and I will do my best to keep you informed as best as possible.

Stay Rowdy, My Friends.

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