TV Trash: You’re a Good Sport, Charlie Brown

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  1. Skyler Satre says:

    I’m glad you’re reviewing a special that you like. This was one of the first specials I’ve ever seen, and I also have it on VHS and DVD. But honestly I think you were to hard on Happy New Year, Charlie Brown! If you really want a bad special, review He’s You’re Dog, Charlie Brown. Not only is it kinda boring at times, Peppermint Patty is vilianized because of the “funny looking kid” joke.
    The problem with it is she thinks that he’s a kid, yet after getting a bit peeved, she treats him like a slave, having him washes dishes, do her chores, and when he drops plates on the ground, she locks him in the closet!!!?? This is why I hate Peppermint Patty. I’m glad she got attacked by Snoppy at the end of that special!

  2. You know if there’s one thing I like about Peanut Specials is that they’re charming and innocent in the funniest way possible. Oh man just watching some of this footage makes me laugh a bit with the snoopy dog moments.

  3. StreakingSteam says:

    Rewatching this, I realized that you said this was unappreciated, even though this special won an Emmy award. Care to explain?

  4. SpiderTaz says:

    Do you plan on seeing Peanuts: the movie?

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