TV Trash: The Wuzzles

Just how weird was Disney’s first ever TV cartoon?

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  1. Zarus Tyran says:

    Talk about a combination plate. When you mentioned this show in last weeks review I thought you meant the Gummi Bears. I had completely forgotten about this one. Clever choice!

  2. I was guessing Gummi Bears too since that show had far more success both with viewers and network recognition, that show I think is the reason NBC became the choice network for Disney specials in the mid to late 80s.

    Anyway, I remember the Disney Channel aired the Wuzzles for a while, and the show was alright when I watched it there. I don’t know about you Rowdy, but I don’t think Wuzzles was created to last in the first place. Disney seemed to want to make something original to gauge the animation budget they would have to work with, and until they were in a place where they could make shows based on their more established characters they had to tread the new ground with something that would at least get on the air but not ruin the image of the other characters they have created. Case in point, the animation quality of this versus DuckTales and Rescue Rangers was not as great which leaves little doubt they held back. Plus, at a time when afternoon syndication was in full swing, they know they could have done better but chose not to because again, they were looking ahead to better things as I’m sure Walt felt after finishing Steamboat Willie.

    I know I sound prophetic but given the new direction that had to have been the case.

    • Jason Waguespack says:

      You’re right, Wuzzles aired on The Disney Channel around 1990 (I have some blocs of the channel taped on VHS). I remember the Wuzzles dolls, too, we had gotten some of them and even some of the storybooks. I guess Disney thought it would take off because of the dolls and merchandising, but the success of the Gummi Bears clued Disney in that action and adventure was the way to go.

      • Action and adventure is also what it takes to win boys and anything that appeals to both boys and girls will always succeed better, it was a given that the Gummi Bears would have larger success before both shows went on the air. The Wuzzles was merchandised in hope of having a second success but I still feel like it never was meant long term to begin with and the toy market was very competitive at the time.

      • Forz says:

        Wuzzles premieredon ABC in 1987. Disney channel airings were re-broadcasts.

  3. jfsredhead says:

    So because of cliffhanger is newscrap next week to save for next vid thought it would be posted today as it usually is at end of month

  4. Steve says:

    Back to skits! I’m glad you don’t do them every week but I kind of miss them when they aren’t there.

  5. I must have seen this show because I watched the Disney Channel all the time during that era, but for the life of me, I cannot recall the program at all. Seems strange as I remember a lot of other shows they ran back then.

  6. You forgot their spiritual successors, the Fuzors from Beast Wars. 😀

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