TV Trash: The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer

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How did UPN last longer than the Civil War itself airing shows like this?

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8 Responses to TV Trash: The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer

  1. Arkle says:

    I actually kind of liked this show when it was on. I think Chi McBride had a lot to do with it, he really brought his A-game on this series.

  2. Bren Tenkage says:

    Yeah I think Family could have done it better, have the guy go the hotel, see the hot babe…then turn into a horrible alien and pull the camera away of the man screaming…then cut to an hour later of the two in bed relaxing….least thats how I would do that joke LOL

  3. I remember when this show was on, there was a news report of African Americans protesting in front of Paramount Studios on how it made a mockery of the life of someone of their race. After having watched many of these clips for the first time, I feel that there is more for white people to be offended by, especially women given the portrayal of Mary Lincoln which is clearly the worst thing out of this show.

    Overall, this reminds me of all the Fanfic Critic episodes I watched where she reviews stories about REAL PEOPLE!! Next time people want to create a sitcom set in the past, here’s a suggestion, make it completely about fictional characters and don’t ruin the image of historical figures that are dead and unable to make their objections known.

    • Rachel says:

      No it doesn’t… oh my god it is actually more insulting to whites. I guess that’s why I felt less offended for Desmond (I’m black) because they depict him as a sort of respectful man, but let’s look at the white men, their all idiots, twits, cheaters or scumbags! And not in a funny way, and the way the depict Mrs. Lincoln is just insulting and playing off that nagging shrew joke, oh and she eats a lot. Because that’s not a tired joke! You see, if their gonna depict a person as someone who likes to eat, don’t make that their only joke! If anything this show makes blacks look good.

  4. Guyver Spawn says:

    Can you review Mr. Pickles please? It’s a show on Adult Swin and it gives Brickleberry a run for it’s money.

  5. Zarus Tyran says:

    I watch some of the final episode you mentioned and found an error in one of your comments. Desmond adds to his statement about Lincoln believing in the sanctity of marriage that he feel his nose growing. Meaning he’s just BSing to help his boss save face. It shows as much as the humor fails, which I’ll admit is subjective given the other comments, it does have some level of continuity.

  6. darkrage6 says:

    Normally I like most sitcoms no matter how much hate they get, this is one where the hatred is very much deserve. Homeboys from Outer Space is a guilty pleasure for me, this is just atrocious, by far the worst sitcom(next to Heil Honey i’m Home anyways) i’ve ever seen.

    No wonder the NAACP hated it so much.

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