TV Trash: The Dukes

Just two good Ol’ Boys… in the Wacky Races????

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  1. Zarus Tyran says:

    At least Bill and Ted’s on Hulu.

  2. Hanna Barbara started making cartoons like this largely because statistics in the late 1970s showed that kids from 8 to 12 were more interested in prime time shows and PG rated blockbuster movies. Ultimately by making this show and other prime time adaptations before this, they only did more to prove that they didn’t get it because what they put out just came across as too silly and nothing compared to the original shows that already satisfied the kids in the first place.

    Unless there is opportunity to do something that’s impossible in live action that could make a franchise better, the only thing a cartoon like The Dukes will ever do is come off as time-relevant pandering at the expense of something more creative that could have filled that 30 minute time slot.

    • rowdycmoore says:

      That’s pretty much why the ALF cartoon worked for me; it did create something that at least would have been very difficult to do in live action while actually expanding on the history of the main character.

      • Exactly, and I know it’s debatable but it’s also the reason why I like the Punky Brewster cartoon better than the live action show, it felt more creative and less like other pedestrian family sitcoms that were on TV at the time. Also as a cartoon character, Punky Brewster can remain a young girl and not have to be adjusted for the inevitable which is why shows with kids always have short life spans or have to introduce new characters to compensate for what gets lost in transition.

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