TV Trash: The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show

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  1. Comic strips can get away with simplicity as they are the creation of one man, but with television you need things to move and catch the viewers attention so there have to be some deviations from source material for a show to work. Because of this a lot of comic strip artists and book authors have found it to be against their principles to compromise their hard work to meet the interests of TV and movie producers, which is why one time specials and single movies are usually all we get with any adaptation.

    Charles Schulz and Jim Davis both understood that their creations would have to be tweaked to appeal to TV audiences but the one factor that I think made a difference with Garfield and Friends was that Jim embraced TV within a shorter time from Garfield’s debut and proved to be more willing to try out new ideas and having the assistance to make them flourish. Charles Schulz on the other hand only saw television an accessory to build interest in his work, but strictly viewed Peanuts as his comic strip and always wanted to maintain control of the characters and how the universe functions so new ideas could only go so far.

    I’m glad to see you are safe with all the storms in Texas lately.

  2. Jason Waguespack says:

    I remember when this show got rerun on the Disney Channel. They didn’t just rerun the old episodes, they actually took old specials and reran them under The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show banner – they just played the opener and then the special followed. Kinda of ironic they did what Garfield and Friends ended up doing in its final year.

  3. The Chesire Cat bit actually appeared in the comic, so that one was an adaptation. I enjoyed this show on CBS when it aired and I was sorry when they went back to specials or a miniseries like the excellent This Is America Charlie Brown.

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