TV Trash: Spaceballs The Animated Series

This show ain’t gonna draw a lot of moichendising…

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  1. Rino Romano is one of my favorite voice actors. What he lacks in vocal differentials he makes up for with good acting in general. It’s sad that he got to play Lone Star but it was in this piece of disappointment. Romano’s my favorite Spider-Man, too.

  2. Emily J. says:

    It might not have been Naked Gun, but Spaceballs was where the good Mel Brooks works ended.
    An animated version of a Star Wars parody should be doing world-building, not referencing things that aren’t compatible. However, to G4’s credit, Code Monkeys was actually decent.

    Also, WHY doesn’t Dark Helmet look like Rick Moranis? I actually feel somewhat insulted since he’s my favorite actor/comic.

  3. Gamewafflez says:

    I believe a character designer for this admitted on Deviantart that it was crap which just shows how bad it is.

  4. Jake Lyde says:

    0.o…….just, no. JUST, JUST NO. Good lord. I feel your pain man.

  5. SpiderTaz says:

    I saw the Spaceballs the movie years ago and remembered it being decent. I never saw this show but after seeing clips of it, makes me glad I didn’t watch it.

  6. I thought this show was pretty good.

  7. Uwe Boll is a good director.

  8. TV Trashman says:

    How about reviewing another worst attempted G4 show Hurl!, as a matter of fact, the title itself best describes it as being absolutely disgusting and vile no matter how strong your stomach is.

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