TV Trash: Someday You’ll Find Her, Charlie Brown

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  1. So glad the Cubs finally won and i’m not even a sports fan, BTW Alanis Morisette dosen’t hate all men.

  2. Rachel Mist says:

    The one episode where I couldn’t sympathize with Charlie. At all! He has no right to gripe and be mad at Linus because neither of them know this girl! Charles saw her on TV, instantly fell for her, but forced Linus to talk to her and then he’s somehow shocked that Linus liked the girl after finding out they have a good common interest? Bite me! Lol jk, but still this felt out of character for Charlie to be this much of a coward, even in the movie he finally got the courage to talk to the little red hair girl (thanks for remembering her name is Heather, Chris)

    In this, he doesn’t do that once! Even when Linus got the right house Charlie just stood right there! “Linus went in the house with my girl!” Charles, you did not talk to her, she did not know who you are, she does not know you exist, you are literally nothing to her. SHE IS NOT YOUR GIRL! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE MAD! Every point you made Chris is 100% what I felt! I am a shy girl, and pretty much a black female version of Charlie, but even I would’ve got the courage to talk to a boy I like! Charlie has no right to be mad at Linus in this episode. Only himself for being spineless. Charles, Charles, Charles, when chris and me are not defending you then you are a lone in this incident. Luckily, I just saw the Peanuts movie. Also, Chris what is with your hatred for Alanis Morisette?

  3. redmess22 says:

    I think you missed the point on the second girl. She’s clearly a teenager who is too old to date 10 year olds, like she is saying. It is hardly man-hating to not want to date someone half your age.

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