TV Trash: Shnookums and Meat

You knew it was coming… but is it really the worst Disney show EVER???

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  1. Shnookums and Meat was a complete mistake, and often when a company like Disney makes a mistake we usually forget about it and look to the good things the company has done. But that being said, I think there is enough rationale for attacking much of the successful shows made by Disney in recent years because in hindsight, it’s not so much about what we think about those creations but in context of how they reflect the way Disney’s name has been abused by attaching it in places where it really doesn’t belong, something for which in itself is a mistake that has changed people’s view of Disney in a not so good way.

    What made the Disney Renaissance successful in the late 80s and early 90s was that Disney was for the most part, still just Disney. They concentrated on building up what made the company respectable in the past with some modern updates, and it not only revitalized the company, it came with a great deal of respect from all demographics. But now the studio’s priorities are no longer focused on animation but on how big of a corporate giant they think they have to be in order to preserve the self-run image of the Disney nameplate, with those at the top proving themselves to be nothing more than greedy statistic watchers with little concern for what is special about what they have in possession.

    Granted, I still like Disney and like most of what the company has made past and present, but what I would like for the company to do is to reassess it’s holdings and start a devolution. For starters, Marvel Comics and LucasFilm need to be separated into a new company called Lucas-Marvel which can focus on the action-adventure franchises people love, and also sell off it’s ownership of ABC and the Hearst acquired cable networks and have them devolve into a separate company in the same manner as CBS when they were split off from Viacom. Then from there, rebuild Disney as the STUDIO that people WANT to respect them for, not as a corporate giant, but as a leader in animation and family entertainment. Yes, times will always change, but maybe what you say about a studio sticking to it’s guns, well if they can find a way to do that before setting the trends then they won’t have to put their priorities in the wrong place ever again.

    • Dave says:

      Chances are that in ten or fifteen years WWE will probably be owned by either Viacom Sony or Disney.

      Once vince finally either retires (which I don’t see happening) or dies his daughter and son in law will probably sell their controlling interest to some big media conglomerate and walk away with a couple billion dollars.

  2. Zarus Tyran says:

    If Darkwing Duck isn’t next I’ll eat my hat.

  3. Dave says:

    Well at least it isn’t quite the gigantic misfire that was Freddy’s Nightmares but it’s pretty close.

    Around that time the children’s tv world was starting to experience a demographic change that made it very hard for the producers of children’s tv programming to gauge what would be popular.

    it showed in ABC creating a tv series based on the Fudge series of books by Judy Blume that bombed after one season (which didn’t even get a complete run) before being shipped off to CBS where it lasted one more season before being canceled when CBS canceled all of its child friendly saturday morning programming.

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