TV Trash: Robocop Animated Series

Just another “How The Heck Did They Make THIS Into A Cartoon” cartoon…

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  1. I think one of the things to consider is that in the mid to late 1980s, VCR ownership had become commonplace and it was now possible for most of us to watch movies whenever we wanted no matter the rating. Because of this, cable networks, especially the pay-tv channels, started to air more mature audience shows during daytime hours to compete and this resulted in the promotion of R-rated films getting more exposure to children. And based off the existence of Transformers, MASK, and the robot made up of five lions of which I will not say the name of, it was a given that kids would love Robocop just from looks alone so they made this cartoon out of belief that it would allow kids to have something they want.

    Trouble is, this was not like the PG-rated Ghostbusters which was predominantly a comedy movie or TMNT which was obscure to begin with, this was a blockbuster film that people knew about and making the cartoon would just boost interest in the movie resulting in controversy with parent groups while also raising questions with kids who wonder why the cartoon can’t have some of the things in the movie they liked. The end result is that this cartoon unintentionally has a similar problem like The Dukes cartoon you reviewed a while back, it’s pandering to kids out of what statistics say and not within reason as to why.

    I think ultimately, this is why entering the 1990s movie producers started emphasizing on making films that would have a PG-13 rating, because then they can give kids over 8 what they want and because the movie isn’t rated R parents can’t say no just off of the rating alone. And because these movies satisfied, no “cartoon for the kids” was necessary to make.

  2. The RoboCop cartoon was aired as part of a programming block called Marvel Action Universe (the name would be reused to replace the “Marvel Action HOUR” some years later). The block including reruns of Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends and a show based on the Dino Riders toys. For some reason the final week saw RoboCop replaced with the original X-Men pilot, Pryde Of The X-Men, which is why RoboCop only has 12 episodes.

    I also fear for you when you do Alpha Commando. It wasn’t just a bad RoboCop series, it was a bad show overall.

  3. Steve says:

    I had no idea they made a Robocop show. My friend was really into Robocop at the time and he never mentioned it, so maybe it really was that bad to him? Oh well, thanks for showing it to us.

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