TV Trash: Robocop Alpha Commando

How much worse can a Robocop cartoon get?

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  1. You forgot one key bit of trivia. The two human allies to RoboCop were named after the creators of the movie, Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner. Personally I like the first live-action series. It was that goofy fun you were talking about and still had cultural satire in it. It also had Roddy Piper dressing up as the corporate kids mascot of OCP to expose a mind-control plot to get kids to but their parents for stuff and a recurring villain that uses Freddy Kruger’s skin lotion but forgot the bladed gloves, while the city computer is run by the disembodied brain of a cute geek girl. Prime Directive on the other hand lost me before the first chapter was even done. It was way too serious even by the movie’s standards and was just boring on top of it.

  2. Comedy and Robocop, nope, doesn’t mix. Again, it just draws interest in the actual movies which this spun off of and it’s safe to say which will win with a generation of kids less exposed to Robocop than the kids from ten years earlier. And this being from 1998, gee, no wonder why repackaged anime would become the cartoons of choice at the turn of the decade, no point in wasting polymers to make animation cels for cartoons that would be despised for their lack of respect for which they base themselves on.

  3. Steve says:

    How many of this show’s audience would have even been familiar with Robocop? If it came out in 1998, and it was geared to boys 12 and under (an assumption on my part, but I think it’s a good ballpark figure) then even the third film would have likely been before their time considering its PG13 rating and box office failure.

  4. Skybyte says:

    Even the toy commercial for this show was lame which was like a Barbie commercial.

  5. Well in the mid-90s the syndication number shrank down from 65 episodes to 39 episodes.

    • rowdycmoore says:

      I guess I could see that happening – though it’s an odd number to choose, since, like I’ve said before, 65 gave them enough daily episodes for a 13 week run that would then fit perfectly to run four times in a year.

  6. The remake was a good film.

  7. I thought this show was pretty fun personally, I didn’t really notice the plot holes until you pointed them out(and yeah i’m one of those people that did like both Robocop 3 and the remake).

  8. Zarus Tyran says:

    Try the live action series. It’s a better experience overall.

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