TV Trash: Return of Family Guy

So how bad has Family Guy gotten since the LAST time we dared look at it?

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  1. I’m not sure if I would say they are deliberately trying to get canceled, but I do think the people behind Family Guy need to realize that shock humor is nothing new and they are driving themselves to irrelevance because we have seen it all before and will stop watching if they won’t give us anything different. Besides that, Fox needs to quit treating their over the air network as if they think only low brow people who rent their homes are the only people who don’t have an extra TV service.

  2. Riana says:

    The Simpsons. That’s gonna be interesting

  3. Emily J. says:

    I agree that Family Guy is getting worse. I don’t dislike The Simpsons Guy either. I never watched Fresh Heir or the herpes episode because they sound too awful. SSP had potential, but is Meg’s self-esteem really that bad for her to think about the truth as such?

    Screams of Silence was the hardest episode to watch, and I can’t help but agree that it’s bad. Seriously, Little Shop of Horrors dealt with abuse better; Orin is also a total jerk, but his abuse towards Audrey is believable.

  4. There’s an episode I want to point out, because while it’s nowhere near as deplorable as anything in the video that was listed, it actually screws up a moral, by being completely right. I think that’s when you know you’ve truly failed. The episode is “Ratings Guy”.

    The long and the short of it is that their moral is “If you watch great television, it will encourage more great television to be made”. How’s that moral screwed up, then?

    Firstly, you can construe it as ego stroking if you read it to mean Family Guy is claiming they’re ‘great television’.

    Next, and I think this is totally fair, is that it’s a Fox show. The same network that’s infamous for screwing over shows by not promoting them, and mucking about with the time slots. Family Guy has been cancelled and brought back twice by Fox, and still they think they can claim this.

    What are we supposed to think when you get something right, and still you end up somehow screwing it up? I don’t know whether to take sorrow or pity on it.

  5. darkrage6 says:

    You really shouldn’t blame Seth, as he has not been directly involved with the show for a very long time, he hasn’t been the showrunner since 2001. Most of the episodes you despise he had absolutely nothing to do with, so blaming him does not really make sense.

    I’m fine with you not liking episodes like “All Dogs Go To Heaven”(though I personally like it), just saying blame the actual people responsible for writing those episodes, not Seth.

  6. Rainbow Moonglow says:

    Do you know what sours Seahorse Seashell Party even more for me? You know, aside from being the worst case of Status Quo Is God there ever was? That’s the episode that came before the awfulness of Screams In Silence. If you think of it that way, Screams In Silence was the writers’ way of trying to cover their asses after writing an episode that says that abuse victims should stick around and keep being abused, for the benefit of the abuser. Yeah.

    Oh yeah, you didn’t cover Stewie Is Enciente. Which is somehow grosser than the herpes episode to me.

  7. SpiderTaz says:

    I used to like Family Guy eons ago but then everything pretty much fell apart when the show became Seth’s personal soapbox and blatantly insulting Disney. Christ, All in the Family has done a far better job in tackling issues than Family Guy ever will.

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