TV Trash: ProStars

We’re beginning our tribute to Saturday Morning cartoons with… THIS????

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  1. Nicholas M. Gentle says:

    I had a feeling there would be at least one Space Jam reference.

  2. Emily J. says:

    No way, monthly reviews of Saturday morning cartoons?!? =D

    You know, I’m wondering what could have been if ESPN did air Pro Stars. Maybe the NBC block would have lasted longer.

  3. Joe Gutfeld says:

    Hi Chris! I do hope that you’ll do a review of Plastic man, Inspector Gadget or the Pac-man cartoons.

  4. Network executives have always been about cashing in on what’s trendy, and it’s for this reason they would have the opinion that kids would love to watch cartoon versions of professional athletes and other figures they already like for who they are. Problem is, shows like ProStars will likely never succeed because they only do more to show who the athlete is NOT, and it’s ultimately insulting to the young viewers because it’s like they are expected to have less of an understanding of who those athletes are in real life when in fact many of us such as myself collected basketball and football cards and watched sports on TV. We KNEW who these athletes were back then, they were real people who were great at the sports they played, and we admired them for that plain and simple. We didn’t need to watch a cartoon that makes them look even more extraordinary than they actually are, just because we were still learning things in school does not mean we are sub-intellects.

  5. carriekube1 says:

    Oh man, this brings back memories. It’ll be fun to see what I can remember when you do the others.

  6. Andy Mayer says:

    Why don’t you review Sonic X?

    • Robbie Walker says:

      Oh, GOD, I already requested that on Facebook. He’ll probably do it soon. Maybe for a Summer Spectacular or something… besides, I think it would be fitting if you review Sonic Shows on the Summer of Sonic!

  7. Robbie Walker says:

    9:16: How long has the Nostalgia Critic not used the “You Know, For Kids” Joke? Since the Grinch Review.

  8. Robbie Walker says:

    6:44: Well, you have to admit, “Game Time” is not a bad catchphrase in my book. It makes sense in the context and pun department, because they’re playing different sports… you can also use that phrase when you want to play board games or video games. Imagine if Captain N used that phrase.

  9. B.J. Cobbledick says:

    I aggree women need help in case of domestic violence. It´s completly unnessary. I´am mean she has been told once. They to be eduacated to listen more careful and how to make up their mistakes. I also would recommend giving free copies of ” Fifty shades of blue” to women how can and are allowed to read after finishing their household duties. But sure some of them just like a little slappy and if you see the tears of joy in her eyes, well that just her way of saying: “Thank you”.

  10. B.J. Cobbledick says:

    Irony off.HaHa

  11. Rachel J says:

    Ah-ha, I knew Space Jam wasn’t that bad!

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