TV Trash: Mr Pickles

This one may prove there is no loving god…

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  1. I’ll tell you Rowdy, I actually have been one who has participated in market research for unreleased movies and made judgements based on the trailers, and one of the things I had to do was answer a questionnaire prior to the screening. If focus groups function the same way, then I’ll bet that it doesn’t matter who likes or hates the show because what’s going to happen is that the show will get green lit because it will be promoted directly to those who already enjoyed something similar knowing that they will make the show profitable, while at the same time they can save their resources by avoiding promotion to people that are EXPECTED to hate it because they can.

    If you think back to the 1990s, not everyone liked Beavis and Butthead but the show thrived for a good number of years because enough people did to make a profit on it. And one thing you should think about it, that show came on at a time before people were able to embrace the on-demand and streaming options they have now and because of that it was exposed before a more attentive population which is why it raised the alarm it did at the time. Nowadays, people are paying less attention to what they hate because they have more than one avenue of avoiding it and unlike the 1990s you don’t have to get rid of your TV, you just watch what you like on Netflix or Amazon and forget about it.

    So to say the least, shows like Mr. Pickles, no matter how tasteless, will have their fame one way or another. I remember before YouTube that flash animations were one of the things I watched on a regular basis, so it’s not like Mr. Pickles can’t thrive if it doesn’t do well on TV. It’s just a matter of how much we care in the end.

  2. My ex-boyfriend (who had no taste whatsoever) loved “Brickleberry,” so I bet he’d positively writhe with delight over this steaming abomination.

  3. John DIaz says:

    I’m at a lot of words over what I just saw. There a lot of mind numbing shit that somehow gets distributed to the public, but this…………

    *Sigh* I don’t want to jinx you or anything but I’m pretty sure that somehow there will eventually be something released that will be even worse cause its amazing of you discover all these programmings by continuing to dig the bottom of the barrel. To which I amend you for. All I can say is just good luck to whatever you may find and present to us in the future.

  4. SpiderTaz says:

    I’ve watched a few episodes of Mr. Pickles and that show was garbage. If you wanna watch a far better adult cartoon show, check out Bob’s Burgers. At least that show has more taste than Mr. Pickles and if you want to watch a good Adult Swim show, watch Kill La Kill. I know boobs and ass may not be your thing but trust me, the female characters in that anime are strong-willed and Kill La Kill has more taste than Mr. Pickles. Are you still doing the Summer Spectacular this year or no?

    • rowdycmoore says:

      I’m actually only planning to make one review video a month over the summer to have time to take care of some other things, but I am planning for each month in the fall to have a theme.

      And as to whether or not “boobs and ass may not be your thing,” well… I did enjoy Sekirei…

      • SpiderTaz says:

        If you enjoyed Sekirei, I still say give Kill La Kill a watch. That anime is one of the better Adult Swim/Toonami shows and still has more taste than Mr. Pickles. Do give Bob’s Burgers a chance too since that show is one of the few adult cartoon shows done right.

  5. Emily J. says:

    Good thing I went cold turkey on Adult Swim programming for the most part not long before this first aired…

  6. izzykayy says:

    Honestly, the only good thing left on Adult Swim nowadays is Rick and Morty.

  7. anonymous says:

    If this show thinks it’s Moral Orel, it’s fucking wrong.

    From what I hear this show was part of some Pilot contest like Cartoon Network used to have which gave use Billy and Mandy, and KND,

    The show that won was Ubermansion, a Seth Green Show, and, while I do like robot chicken it might be at least Hit or miss to everyone else. I knew something was gonna happen because his previous non-robot chicken work, Titan Maximum, was canned after only one season.

    And surprise suprise, Ubermansion is airing on Crackle, and instead of airing something that could be funny, they just picked the WORST of the 2 Pilots because from what I heard they liked them the best, this, and King Star King, the latter premired during toonami’s daylight savings a few years back, and Toonami HATED it.

    Seriously they didn’t even try coffin dodgers, made by the drawn together crew

    but yeah just seeing this show pisses me off

  8. Riana says:

    The worst part is the show aired late at night. You suggested not eating after watching the show. Try sleeping.

  9. …I feel VIOLATED. I saw Mr. Enter’s video too. You’re right, he was too kind, this is reprehensible in every way.

  10. This is not in defence of Mr. Pickles, but I will say, at least it doesn’t try to show botched messages and morals down our throats. Yes, Mr. Pickles is crude, graphic, vulgar, and is narratively terrible for all the reasons described in the video, but I believe it knew it was dumb- it knew that it just wanted to be about a satanic border collie, and didn’t aspire to be anything great. That said, trying not to be great is not an excuse to be terrible- it just shows how low your aspirations are.

    If you want a cartoon with someone called Pickles, that also has blood, death and satanic imagery, and is also on Adult Swim, then just watch Metalocalypse instead.

  11. thedogsage says:

    Which is why I don’t watch this garbage. I watch GOOD animated adult series like Rick and Morty.

  12. Ryan says:

    Enter sucks. He doesn’t like any meanness at all. Heck he disliked evil Santa from futurama because it apparently wasn’t the season of the holidays. That’s what black comedy is

  13. Zarus Tyran says:

    There’s only one good thing that this show showed us. A possible explanation for interior of Snoopy’s doghouse. For a while I guessed that he simply dug the ground under it for all that space.

  14. Ryan Moore says:

    Actually I rather like the show. It’s toned back on the violence in season 2 and the jokes are actually genuinely funny. Season 1 had it’s moments though; I found the sheriff’s stupidity amusing some of the deaths were so over the top it was funny

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