TV Trash: Men Behaving Badly

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  1. jfsredhead says:

    it says were unable to paly this episode

    • rowdycmoore says:

      Then this will be the first I plan to re-upload. Hopefully it should be up by tomorrow morning. I’ll probably delete this post because of it.

      • I just was able to play it, if there is one you should re-upload it’s Road to the Multiverse with adjusted volume if possible. I think Blip deliberately muted it because of your loud rant over Seth’s attack on Disney.

      • Robbie Walker says:

        What’s worse is that Reid Harrison, who was involved in this terrible remake, made a terrible episode of Sonic Boom “Don’t Judge Me”.

  2. I wonder, have you ever seen the animated sitcom Stressed Eric? It was an animated series that was first shown in Britain, and then it was shown in the US on NBC with the title character remade into an American with a new voice actor and title sequence to emphasize it. It would make a great TV Trash episode now that I think about it. 😀

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