TV Trash: Malcolm’s Graduation

There’s “Life is Unfair,” and then there’s THIS.

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  1. James Faraci says:


  2. Zarus Tyran says:

    I should’ve seen this ending coming after the episode “Hal Coaches” where from a virtual reality game similar to The Sims, Malcolm discovers he’s screwed no matter what. This guy makes Charlie Brown look like he’s lucky.

  3. I never liked Malcolm in the Middle, I don’t stomach the idea of playing up one dimensional characters with nasty uncompromising attitudes shoving it in everyone’s face for the benefit of humor. It doesn’t surprise me that this would be the finale either. Malcolm knew that it was going to be fallout after fallout with Lois no matter what he did, and seeing that the only way to rid of her was to sacrifice whatever joy he had left I think he kissed up to her in the end because it was the only way to get to the next chapter of his life as smoothly as possible. Eventually he would do what Francis did, find something he loves and keep it a secret, and I’m sure Francis would have no trouble bailing out his brother if the moment called for it.

    It’s pathetic either way, but this show is Malcolm in the Middle.

  4. John Diaz says:

    I know that you mentioned that you haven’t watched King of the Hill, but if you did, I would recommend if you could take a look at the series finale episode, To Sirloin with Love. While not as bad as the piece of shit of a finale of Malcolm in the Middle, it’s still a frustrating finale based on the primary plot point of the series which was the relationship of the main character Hank Hill and his son Bobby. All throughout the series, we see how Hank always seems to be disappointed of how Bobby is not like how he wants to be; which would be active, athletic, tool savvy, and into propane like Hank. Also of how Bobby to act more feminine than masculine; even fearing if Bobby was gay. He tends to dismiss Bobby’s talents and interests such as acting, performing, comedy, and dancing in which he considers anything creative to be “asinine.” The show tends to glorify that Hank and his old fashioned ideals of life are always right and that everyone else’s ideals are wrong. It’s even more frustrating based on the context of finale in which Hank discovers that Bobby has a talent for grilling and meat inspecting, finally relieved that he Bobby have a common interest. Yet to me, it’s frustrating that the finale had end with this plot contrivance instead of Hank accepting Bobby for who he was, and actually trying to understand him better rather than of how he wants Bobby to be. There were plenty of moments throughout the series where it seemed like Hank and Bobby were staring to bond, but by the time the next episode comes, its like someone pressed a reset and nothing had ever changed. Sorry this is long, but I had to get that out of my system.

    • peteman12 says:

      Also, there was an episode where Malcolm and Reese try to crash a party they weren’t invited to, and near the end after breaking in, they demand “Why don’t you like us?”, only to walk out completely calm saying “They had some good points.”

  5. Moe Lester says:

    Sorry i had to stop after your lois rant. That was annoying as hell, way to much shouting and a terrible critic.The show is pure irony and sarcasm. Why do you take it seriously? Don’t you get it? Also i don´t understand why don´t praise South Park. It is the smartest show there is and was. EVER. Proof me wrong and name one even close. And yeah it´s not ALF.

  6. Aquaconda says:

    God, I remember this finale. It was such mean spirited bullshit. “Malcolm, I purposely made your life miserable instead of supporting you and took away a wonderful opportunity based on your own merit because if you don’t grow like I want you to, you will lose all of your empathy and be a bad president.” This seriously made the boys tricking her into thinking she had cancer seem deserved.

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