TV Trash: Life With Lucy

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4 Responses to TV Trash: Life With Lucy

  1. SpiderTaz says:

    I looked up her character’s last name on this show and it was Barker.

    • rowdycmoore says:

      I know I could have done that as well, but it ultimately seemed pointless since the name really had no impact on the show whatsoever. Heck, I kept having problems remembering the the name of Gale Gordon’s character was Curtis. That’s sadly how little impact this show has.

  2. Jason Waguespack says:

    Looking at the clips of the show, I thought Lucy still had good screen presence, and if she had writers that could update her comedy (and get rid of the slapstick that she was clearly too old for), she might have been able to make a successful go at it.

  3. And to think that nowadays we have those popular action stars who were active the 1980s pushing the envelope on what people should be capable of, granted movies are not filmed the same way as TV shows but still. As for Life With Lucy, the obvious problem was that Lucy was made to be the star of the show without compromise, and in doing so her ego got inflated and she was able put people behind the scenes in their place with her demands knowing that they couldn’t say no to her. If she had agreed to play a more mellow role suitable for her age while letting the younger actors be the real stars, the series could have worked. But if they didn’t feel that they could make the show without Lucy’s name stealing the spotlight, then they should have went back to the drawing board and left her in retirement.

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