TV Trash: King of the Hill Edu-Macating Lucky

Dangit, Peggy!

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5 Responses to TV Trash: King of the Hill Edu-Macating Lucky

  1. Riana says:

    You’re finishing Allen Gregory, aren’t you?

  2. King of the Hill had it’s amusing moments but it wasn’t a show I liked to watch much either. I think largely it was because it felt like a cartoon that should have been live action instead, especially since 3rd Rock and even Seinfeld were less down to earth. I think it was on TV as long as it was because it successfully complimented The Simpsons with it’s slower humor and having a more intellectual alpha male, but it really can’t appeal to everyone and I never liked any episode about Peggy, the less said about her the better I think.

    I’m glad you have the sense to defy feelings that it’s a requirement to like something just because it has something to do with where you come from. It reminds me, I was drawn to South Park at first because I liked watching a show set in my home state but after awhile I lost interest and just for the record I have swore to myself that I will never put a prairie oyster in my mouth.

  3. SpiderTaz says:

    I never liked Peggy’s “I’m better than you” attitude. One of the worst Peggy Hill moments to me was Peggy forcing Luanne to quit her job at a restaraunt despite the fact her niece did nothing that would get her fired. To be fair, at least Peggy Hill is no Lois Griffin.

  4. Zarus Tyran says:

    You do know that some people hate Lucky too. Not me though as I didn’t watch it as much, but still.

  5. Steve says:

    I died at the “wearing Lucky” line, it’s just so comically sinister!

    And for next time, I’m calling it now: Cleveland Show?

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