TV Trash: Johnny Test

This is a godawful show called Johnny Test….

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  1. Emily J. says:

    Thank you for tackling this. I can’t stand Johnny Test and the loud noises that accompany it.

  2. Noah B. says:

    You know, the sad thing about the guy who voices Johnny Test and Tidus is a good voice actor. Does a great job in stuff like Ratchet and Clank and as Spider man in Lego Marvel.

    However his performance in Johnny Test and FFX is pretty bad.

  3. Billy Bob says:

    They did an episode trying to pay homage to the Peanuts Christmas special, let’s just Schulz was spinning in his grave.

  4. Isabella Cataldo says:

    I actually watched this show as a kid, but by the time I turned 13, I found it incredibly annoying. Now I’m scratching my head about why I liked it when I was younger.

  5. SpiderTaz says:

    Do you hate My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?

  6. Steve says:

    I think the show is at least passable for the intended audience. Then again, I’m not the target demo, so who knows what I would think of it as a kid. CN has definitely gotten better in recent years with its focus on the older kids’ shows that air after dinner (Gumball, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, etc) but I don’t know anything about the 12-and-under programming.

    Can we talk about the number of ripped off costumes? Blue Falcon and Dynomutt is understandable since it’s a Hanna Barbera show, but why does the father dress like Nickelodeon’s Doug?

  7. Robert Brohan says:

    If you’ve been getting requests to review Teen Titans Go, it’s because the “producers” refer to their own show as stupid and they wrote 2 episodes that bullied fans of the original.

    Those episodes are Let’s Get Serious which made fun of the people who hated the Johnny Test like humor and Return of Slade which was made to lure fans of the original to lecture them on how Teen Titans Go is a kids show and make fun of them for liking comics and cartoons.

    If you have anything new to say please trash this show, if you don’t I understand.

  8. Gamewafflez says:

    I still would like to see you do a Sidekick review at some point. In my opinion its far more stupid and mean spirited than Johnny Test and Mr.Enter hasnt seen it yet.

  9. Carrie Kube says:

    We could’ve had this awesome continuation of Wacky Races (Wacky Races Forever), but they went with this show instead.

  10. I think the success of this and Spongebob pretty much summarizes every reason why many cartoons have become what they are. TV producers today operate on simple logic, if they see that kids like one show, they will only make something that’s just like it but nothing different.

    And sadly, I bet some animators who work on these shows wish they could make something different, but having to start from the bottom of the barrel means not getting to do what they want and moving up means abandoning their principles for the benefit of maintaining good relations with those still above them. As a result, we will see more cartoon ideas on DeviantArt and other websites that will never go further than an online series because it’s probably the only way to make something good anymore.

  11. Robert Brohan says:

    Since I just found out you know about the two infamous Teen Titans Go episodes. I’d like to modify what I originally said to ask you if you could at least give your thoughts on the producer’s behaviors towards fans of the original.

    • rowdycmoore says:

      Very disheartened to see that the producers of that show would stoop to that level. I keep trying to believe what some people have told me that CN is getting better (as evidenced by the likes of Adventure Time and Regular Show) – and then they go and let one of their most shilled shows pull THAT.

  12. DHX Media is in a situation in Canada where it competes with Corus Entertainment (owners of YTV and Teletoon; current managers of the Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney brands in Canada), yet some DHX Media shows – like Johnny Test – are on Teletoon. DHX Media didn’t previously compete against Corus until it obtained Family Channel’s channels in Canada.

    Degrassi moves to Netflix from TeenNick in the US (and Bell Media’s MTV Canada), so if Teletoon has quietly cancelled JT’s seventh-season order, I suspect JT eventually shows up on a DHX Media-owned entity, at least. Family has program slots it needs to fill.

  13. Rainbow Moonglow says:

    I have had at least one person defend Teen Titans Go to me (without leaping straight to the “you’re a bitter fangirl” argument). I have had multiple people defend both Adventure Time and Regular Show to me (I wasn’t fond of either one. Adventure Time felt like it was overly-bright and overly noisy and had no plot, and Regular Show did the “let’s have one of the protagonists be a dick and then expect the audience to sympathize when everything blows up in their face” thing that grates on my nerves). I have even had people defend Disney tweencoms to me (see complaint about Regular Show).

    Even on the internet, where people are most willing to defend that which many people have called indefensible, I have met exactly zero people who will defend Johnny Test.

    That is just how terrible Johnny Test actually is.

    • Adventure Time is very bright and noisy, and even with my tastes a bit overboard at both. However, while the show is random there are story threads that continue throughout the series. It’s bright with a secret dark core.

  14. Zarus Tyran says:

    Personally I find it a guilty pleasure at best. The characters come off as like spy vs spy in their roles. Also some episodes, such as the Wacko focused ones are good because it’s a more clear case of good vs. evil. Still even I can’t deny it can be terrible at times, but I still find it better then “Ed, Edd, and Eddy”.

  15. Can you believe this?. I would have to check if Ashleigh Ball in particular is on the show, but I think that Friendship is Magic actually referenced Johnny Test, doing the “Didn’t see that one coming” line.

    It at least sounds like her voicing one or both of Johnny’s sisters. It would make sense, seing as it’s Applejack in FiM who says that line, who’s also voiced by Ball. It’s kind of a facepalm moment for me, because I like to think FiM is above Johnny Test.

    Still, at least it’s not nearly as pandering or insulting as Teen Titans Go! making several brony jokes involving Raven, because Tara Strong voices her, as well as Twilight Sparkle, the protagonist of FiM. I’m not joking that these jokes are a thing. I wouldn’t mind much, except that it completely ruins Raven’s character from the original series in order to make the jokes. You know, someone who was into the dark and gothic, and hated feminine things?

    If you looked at TTG, if you haven’t already, you will certainly encounter FiM references and jokes.

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