TV Trash: Joanie Loves Chachi

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  1. James Faraci says:

    Dude, I’m sorry! I’m just sorry you had to sit through this nightmare!

  2. NSX says:

    ugh. Scott Baio. Lately, he’s had far more problems lately, like being a legitimately horrible human being. Doing everything he can to stick up and make excuses for an admitted rapist and sexual harasser (who happens to be an.. ugh.. presidential candidate that doesn’t deserve to be nominated) by making disgustingly sexist and derogatory comments towards women, to do it. Scott Baio is a moron and a failure of a human being on pretty much every level. I watched this entire review with my middle finger stuck up at Scott Baio’s every moment on screen.

  3. TV Trashman says:

    Now I don’t to be all “TV-MA” here in this section, but at least the review had never mentioned that the word “Chachi” is another term for a man’s “You Know What” down there in his pants.

    I’ve just heard about it from *ahem* “word-of-mouth” of the Internet world.

  4. TV Trashman says:

    Bad news Rowdy and Co., Erin Moran (a.k.a. Joanie Cunningham) has passed away at age 56:



    May your “Happy Days” still continue to be even way more happier in heaven.

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