TV Trash: Jack of All Trades

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  1. This has me reminded of the old LucasArts adventure game Monkey Island, which is about pirates who reside around fictional Caribbean islands. My brother and I used to love that game, especially since they managed to figure out how to make fun of present day in a 17th/18th century method. It was good fun in an age before the debut of Jack Sparrow.

    As for this show, as amusing as it is I can’t see it having more than a cult following and I would imagine the historical inaccuracy of Thomas Jefferson working against Napoleon probably had people changing the channel over that alone. Sans that, I think this might have been more successful if it were retooled as a kid’s show since it had more of that feeling, and I say that because of having watched a few episodes of the BBC show Horrible Histories which teaches about history in a sketch comedy fashion. Either that, or take the characters and make a series of comedy movies so they can appeal to everyone, especially since low brow comedy movies were box office gold at the time.

  2. Steve says:

    To mad I missed out on this one when it was airing, it seems a lot of fun!

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