TV Trash: iCarly

Gimme your worst, Nick, and leave the rest to me…

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  1. The way I see it, iCarly just has old story devices being thrown together in modern context and made worse by how it encourages inappropriate behavior. The fact that Carly is living with a cool older brother is an obvious contrivance that allows much of the show’s plot to work and seriously, teenagers with web shows are one of a number of reasons why I started to dislike YouTube over time, not necessary because of content but in terms of how young people make themselves vulnerable to the wrong people. Makes me wonder if ever they thought of a very special episode where they come across a predator (yes, that kind)

    Yeah Rowdy, do yourself a favor and restrain yourself from reviewing too many of these twitcoms, all it will do is remind people like me why you are the internet critic and I’m not and I say this because I personally have too much bias against many of those live action kid shows. I was a cable kid in the 1980s and early 90s and I liked the shows Nickelodeon made back then, they were much less in your face, the humor was appropriate and not too edgy, and there were was an interesting array of characters. Now everything they make looks all generic and like you say, just made for pandering.

  2. Emily J. says:

    I feel like I should thank you for reviewing this show because my feelings are mixed at best. My younger brother was OBSESSED with this show, and continues watching it after it ended… Some episode plots can be so infuriating; go see PIEGUYRULZ’s review of one such episode:

  3. Sam Ratner says:

    I’ll admit straight up. iCarly was definitely my guilty pleasure show for some time as I knew in the back of my mind how stupid it was yet every time a new episode aired, I was in front of the TV watching it. That being said, you made a good choice stopping after season 3 as the plots for the later episodes became too ridiculous for its’ own good. Among them including a crossover with Victorious, a subplot where Freddie & Sam become a couple and even an episode where a character sells his fake head … to the Pawn Star guys (yeah, that’s a real episode).

  4. Jason Waguespack says:

    And to think, this network once upon a time had made Clarissa Explains It All and Pete and Pete.

    Now I shall go to a corner and weep.

    • darkrage6 says:

      Their live actions shows are still good, I liked iCarly and all their other sitcoms and i’m not the least bit ashamed to admit it.

      Their animated shows however have dropped massively in quality, Breadwinners is pure garbage and makes the likes of cheap 80s and 90s cartoons like Pro-Stars, Power Team, The Dukes etc, look like fucking masterpieces by comparison, at least those shows had some charm to them, but nowadays with the exception of the new TMNT, Nick’s animated shows have no charm at all and seem just to throw as much toilet humor and random crap as possible into 22 minutes without any thought to making interesting or likeable characters.

      I disagree with iCarly was a Hannah Montana rip-off, i’m not really seeing that at all. The actual sketches on the titular web show weren’t really that funny, to me it was all the stuff outside of the web show that really made the show memorable. Also the show did actually have some pretty touching episodes such as iQuit ICarly.

      P.S. Are you going to review The Nutshack this year? It’s a show so awful it will make you regret every bad thing you’ve ever said about shows(including this one) like Mr Pickles, Brickleberry, Gary the Rat, Stripperella, Adult Party Cartoon, US Coupling and Kath and Kim, Family Guy, Totally Spies, Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain, Veronica Mars, Cop Rock, Sonic Underground, Yo Yogi, Battletoads, Homeboys in Outer Space, Boondocks, Allen Gregory and Johnny Test, as all those shows look like masterpieces next to The Nutshack.

      Here’s the theme song in all it’s horrid glory, enjoy!

  5. Steve says:

    There were (and possibly still are, I guess) more short videos like the ones in the tv show on Nickelodeon’s icarly website. It’s like the whole show existed to promote the website, much like other shows are toy commercials. It was new territory for them, and I gotta say it’s cool that they were experimenting with “new media” (as companies liked to call the internet).

    Nickelodeon is still making some good live-action shows, from what little I’ve seen of the network since the early 2000s. I was at my aunt’s house and my little cousin was watching Ned’s School Survival Guide, which seemed like a show I would have watched at his age.

  6. Eman says:

    I actually used to watch this show a lot and I followed it from late 2009 to the end of the series. I even got into other Dan Schneider shows like Victorious and Drake & Josh, and also Zoey 101. However, it was not until the travesty that was Sam & Cat that I started to see the light and I started to express a disdain towards Dan Schneider or maybe twitcoms in general. I don’t know if I would say that exactly considering I liked other Nick shows like True Jackson and Big Time Rush. I know people would try to make excuses for teen sitcoms or kids sitcoms about how they are aimed for kids and I am not the audience, but bear this in mind that I watched some shows while in my 20s. I am only 29 now, and I am not sure if I have grown out of these shows, but Sam & Cat was what got me to say “SCREW THIS!” and shut it off. If you want something worse than iCarly, I dare you to do one of Sam & Cat. That show was god awful. Plus, in these sitcoms, the laugh track got annoying, especially the ones that went “Ohhhhhh” or “Ooooohhhh.” *Shudder*

    • darkrage6 says:

      Strongly disagree, I don’t think Sam and Cat was “godawful” at all, I thought it was a pretty funny show, said that it ended due to Nick cutting off their nose to spite their face(basically Nick got upset when Jeanette’s ex posted some semi-revealing pics of her out of revenge, and this was after Nick forced the entire cast of the show to work on more episodes then were originally ordered for the reason, which really hit Jeanette hard since her mother had died form cancer and she was hoping to take time off to grieve. So it seemed like Nick cancelled the show just to spite her.) and I feel really bad for the cast being overworked.

  7. Jon Snow says:

    nickelodeon only gets worse here on out

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