TV Trash: Home Alone 5

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  1. Antiyonder says:

    10:20- Yeah another problem I have is that he’s just bratty for no reason. In Home Alone Kevin either tended to be overlooked by his family or bullied by some other them whether it’s his siblings or Uncle Frank. I mean his mom doesn’t even scold Buzz for eating his cheese pizza, nor do the parents take issue with Frank calling him a jerk, outloud.

    But Finn just acts bratty cause “that’s how kids are”.

  2. Cosmic Space Queen says:

    It seems that the traps in this are more….messy than the ones from the original.

    I remember cringing in PAIN as a kid watching the original since looking back, those things were brutal, like freaking TORTURE DEVICES. I mean, the heated door knob that burns the hand, the blowtorch, the nail through the foot, the glass decorations on the floor? Kevin was a little bastard for leaving that shit out but you know what? At least he left that shit out to get the burglars away from the house but the fact they kept coming back over and over and over again despite it being obvious the house was a death trap?

    With this? The traps are obviously ‘safer’ but they seem like things you can just walk through a little messy but you can still get what you came for. I don’t know, all of this stuff seems easily escapable and more annoying than ‘dangerous’ and lift threatening. Why were they having trouble getting in again? I know people aren’t fans of the second movie but even then, the house traps were painful and worked like actual traps that would stop a person or, if they were smart, make them turn tail and run. This feels like Double Dare on a budget with pudding in the face and things you can just side step to avoid but ah well. What do you expect from a movie like this? =P

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