TV Trash: He’s Your Dog, Charlie Brown

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  1. Emily J. says:

    I completely understand why you don’t like this special. Although I have never seen it, some of it looks funny, which would explain why it won an award. As for the music for when Snoopy is exiled to the garage, it’s a thing called “dissonance”.

    It has been FOREVER since I’ve seen Snoopy Come Home, but I think it’s a better version of this story.

  2. Wow, you really threw a curveball, I haven’t seen this special in a long time and it wasn’t even the one I was expecting since I never thought this had the worst story of the specials (I can think of others).

    To some degree I have reason to like this special because it debuted Vince Guaraldi’s Peppermint Patty song which is my favorite Peanuts melody, and I don’t think it’s entirely out of line in terms of how the characters interact. Snoopy can be troublesome to the kids but it always had more to do with him having a playful personality than a mean spirited one, and I think there was enough recognition of that for the kids to want to miss him in the second half.

    That being said, I see why people would not consider this to be a good special. Charlie Brown is being made to appear irresponsible because of how he says “Why me?” to his angry friends, as well as letting Snoopy go off by himself to Peppermint Patty’s house not foreseeing more of what he wanted to correct, and then Peppermint Patty has to become the villain out of the circumstances being forced onto her yet we are unable to sympathize because of how Snoopy becomes enslaved. Granted, the story does come off as better than It’s Your First Kiss because no one is being blasted for something that no one did wrong, but it’s not the best special either by any means.

  3. Steve says:

    Snoopy’s Nightmare or whatever was always my least favorite Peanuts special. Have you ever seen that one? It was like some kind of snuff film, but for sadness instead of murder. Who looks for that in a Peanuts cartoon?

    • Streaking Steam says:

      Just to clarify, the title of the special you are thinking of is “What a Nightmare, Charlie Brown”. I agree. It wasn’t that good

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