TV Trash: He-Man Timeline Part 3

Can the power of Greyskull be rescued in this third installment?

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  1. Zarus Tyran says:

    I always questioned why keep the secret from the Royal family in both series. In fact I always envisioned a episode/fanfic where King Randor decided that Adam is too lazy and too much of a coward to rule, and wants He-Man to take over for him. And short of telling the truth, nothing can make him change his mind.

    • There was an episode in the 1983 series that went into that. Adam had to change into He-Man in order to correct Orko’s mistake on one of the vehicles, and King Randor wanted He-Man to accompany him on something I forgot. It gave Adam the belief that He-Man was seen as more useful to his father than he was and after convincing his father to let him join, Randor was captured by an expelled Beastman trying to win Skeletor’s respect back, and this forced Adam to realize that He-Man must be the one to save his father and whether his father knows the secret or not, it was always the right thing to do what was most necessary.

      • rowdycmoore says:

        Yeah, I remember watching that one while preparing for this review.

        • Zarus Tyran says:

          Yes but like the first episode after the pilot of this version, it’s implied that Adam is only useful as He-Man. TV Tropes even point to it as a broken Aesop. Also the episodes play into my idea in that Randor would think his son was unfit for the throne, due to the fact he’s not aware his son IS He-Man

          • rowdycmoore says:

            It does make me wonder if, had the series continued, they may have ultimately handled the issue of Randor ultimately discovering his son’s secret – much like how Diego’s father ultimately found out he was Zorro in the Disney series.

  2. This series was far superior the original series on two levels, animation was excellent and the characters developed better than the original series. It was also good thing it came out at a time when there was still enough respect for traditional animation styles, because anything like this today would be made anime style which is just done for the sole purpose of pandering. Like I said with your TMNT retrospective, sometimes it’s a good idea for a series to be put to sleep for a while just so that it can be rebooted properly.

    You know, it’s about time someone ask this Rowdy. What did you think of the Honda commercials with Skeletor in them?

  3. Jason Waguespack says:

    An interesting tidbit: Lou Scheimer actually tried to create a new He-Man series in 1996 and pitched the idea to DIC. It would actually be about Adam’s adopted son Dare, the title character of “He-Ro Son of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.” So yeah, this was a “next generation” concept.

    Needless to say, it didn’t get picked up. The series bible is still available on the internet and has some conceptual artwork that looks pretty neat.

  4. SpiderTaz says:

    Do you plan on reviewing Thundarr the Barbarian and Dumber and Dumber: The Animated Series at some point?

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