TV Trash: He-Man Timeline Part 2

What the heck happened to the Power of Greyskull?

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  1. It might be worth noting that Paravision International was the L’oreal owned studio that Filmation’s library was sold to in 1989, so in a sense the production company involved already had distribution rights to the first He-Man cartoon which in a way makes the plot of this series even worse knowing that it didn’t have to exist this way.

    The other possibility is that there might have been a slight conspiracy in that Parafrance was already developing this cartoon into something different but couldn’t come up with a good protagonist on their own, so they had the parent company seize on the chance to buy Filmation with hope it would give them rights to the character. Well, that combined with Mattel wanting He-Man to stay relevant resulted in this “forgettable” show getting made, and I’ll leave it at that.

  2. Jason Waguespack says:

    Actually, I didn’t know the New Adventures even existed when it first aired! Mostly because it came on at 2:30pm, and I didn’t get home from school until around 3:30. This was also around the time Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was on the rise, and I suspect it helped suck out the oxygen that might have gone to a new He-Man series.

    But yeah, this show didn’t look like it could have caught on. Aside from the stupidity of the characters, it doesn’t look as artistically pleasing as the He-Man and She-Ra shows. Even if Filmation didn’t have great animation, those guys knew how to draw backgrounds and castles and other settings, and the shows were neat to look at. New Adventures looks kind of drab by comparison.

  3. New Adventures of He-man might not as been good as the original or the 2002 series, but I still enjoyed it and there were some good episodes. As far as I’m concerned the show had it’s charm, and have the 1st volume on DVD and have a couple of the action figures.

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