TV Trash: He-Man Timeline Part 1

By the Power of Greyskull, let’s look at the history of the Most Powerful Man in the Universe!!

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  1. There were a number of things about the old He-Man cartoon that could have been improved on, but in the first place the show was an adaption of a toy line and I often think that some things were deliberately left unresolved for the sake of the kids at home still being able to have an imagination with the toys they owned.

    I mean think about it, why does fanfiction exist? Maybe because we all wanted to see things that the original writing staff don’t bother to consider because of the rules they have to follow. In other words, Teela knows Prince Adam’s secret, we just don’t know that because she’s been stored away in someone’s attic in Pennsylvania since 1990.

  2. jfsredhead says:

    is pt 2 supposte to be part later today or tomrow

  3. rowdycmoore says:

    I’m hoping to get it posted sometime tonight.

  4. Jason Waguespack says:

    I loved the original He-Man as a kid! This was the very first action cartoon that I got into and I loved it for the reasons you said, all the cool gadgets and the cool magical and super powers. And Adam’s transformation into He-Man gave me chills.

    I think the perception of Skeletor as a bungler actually came out of the second season. In the first season he was played pretty much seriously compared to his lackeys, but later the writers started making him campier and goofier.

    Interestingly, the conflict in She-Ra was more of a magic versus technology thing, in that She-Ra and the rebels utilized magic more often, and the Horde was heavily mechanized, although they did have Shadow Weaver for sorcery.

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