TV Trash: Hanna Barbera Superstars 10

Why haven’t more people reviewed these movies again?

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  1. Piotr Wojciechowski says:

    Looking back at “Yogi & the Invasion of the Space Bears”, I actually realized that they reused the plot from one of the episodes of the Flintstones where the exact same thing happens to Fred, except we don’t really see the actual aliens, just their shadows.

  2. SpiderTaz says:

    Actually, DC Comics is doing something with the HB properties in comic book form. However, they’re more geared toward adults. The Hanna Barbera comics are hit or miss in my eyes, I can get behind Scooby and the gang fighting against mutant creatures in the post-apocalyptic badlands, but Snagglepuss as a gay playwright in the 1950s, eeh no. Check the HB comics for yourself, Rowdy.

    • rowdycmoore says:

      I have heard of those. Upon further reflection, that doesn’t really surprise me that a connection to DC Comics is about the only way they would get used since DC is among the few things Warner really cares about.

      • SpiderTaz says:

        I do highly recommend checking out Scooby Doo and Batman; The Brave and the Bold. It’s one of the better Scooby Doo and Batman animated straight to DVD releases and ten times better than Teen Titans Go, that’s for sure.

      • Skybyte says:

        More like that Warner only cares about Batman and Teen Titans only

  3. It’s still better than the HB Superheroes have gotten. Outside of a couple of parodies (and I’ve at least heard good things about the Future Quest comic) and Space Ghost’s appearance on Batman: The Brave And The Bold they haven’t done a thing with their superheroes or their dramatic shows. Has anybody even heard Devlin, These Are The Days, or the show that Sealab 2021 is based on? Or know Mightor as anything other than a judge that Birdman’s cases show up in front of? Even Scooby Doo: Mask Of The Blue Falcon got the superhero shows wrong, and the whole theme was respecting the past show. Scooby and Dynomutt joined forces on the first episode of Dynomutt. It’s just a shame.

  4. SpiderTaz says:

    Have you heard about the new Wacky Races cartoon?

  5. Emily J. says:

    What a fun review. Believe it or not, Ghoul School is actually liked well enough by some people, including myself. Do you think the obscure Gravedale High took its share of elements from Ghoul School? They are both Hanna-Barbera properties with nearly-identical concepts. Have you thought about reviewing Gravedale High despite your hatred of NBC? P.S., good luck with the next review.

  6. Skybyte says:

    Challenge of The Gobots is also a remembered Hanna Barbera cartoon for the most obvious reason.

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