TV Trash: Halloween is Grinch Night

Just how SCARY can Dr. Seuss get???

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5 Responses to TV Trash: Halloween is Grinch Night

  1. James says:

    Great episode Rowdy!

  2. Charles Hunt says:

    Once again the idiot opens his mouth.

  3. Steve says:

    I think the main problem with this special was that it wasn’t “about” anything in particular. No growth of character, no real-world applicability, just a generic bad-guy-rolls-in-to-town story which would have been better suited to any other franchise. Dr Seuss expected more mental engagement from his audience!

  4. What’s makes a Halloween special good is when it’s:

    A. About the characters having fun with the holiday, and

    B. Glorifying the ghouls and creatures that make the holiday cool.

    This special failed on both accounts, since the townsfolk were more fundamentalist Christians who treat the holiday as devil’s worship, and the Grinch, who was the only actual bad guy was one dimensional and at the end of the day, wimpy. And I would agree that this all came off forced and made for assumed demand, you never come up with anything with 80% effort with that mindset.

  5. Connor Hanafin says:

    Did you know the voice of the Grinch in this special is played by Hans Coried, the same guy who voiced Mr. Darling and Captain Hook in Disney’s Peter Pan.

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