TV Trash: Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer

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  1. You know I’m starved when I go against my principles by watching a Christmas themed episode near the end of March. Not that I’m pressuring you or anything.

    But yeah, my brother and I saw this once and changed the channel before the “incident” and from what I can tell it looks written as though the one who put this together was pressed for time and had to resort to plot convenience and tired old devices just to have something. Besides that, if Grandma has to live for the benefit of a happy ending, then it’s impossible to adapt this song to a holiday special without failing. I would rather have Grandma’s Killer Fruit Cake adapted with a story where she was framed by a competing bakery down the street, and I don’t care if the kids have to be smarter than the police to make the special work.

  2. Despite its problems, I simply CANNOT hate this Christmas special! Every since I’ve first saw it air on the WB back in the 90s it’s held some kind of weird charm for me 🙂

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