TV Trash: Glee Season Five

Rowdy is back, but is there anything left worth riffing on the infamous musical drama?

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6 Responses to TV Trash: Glee Season Five

  1. Riana says:

    Is next week Dads?

  2. Emily J. says:

    I stopped watching Glee after season 3, but WHAT THE FRAK SUE?! And I thought that since Finn joined the army, he may have died in combat.

  3. Like I said last year, I thought that a spin-off show about Rachel and Kurt would have been a better thing for writers to focus on, but it’s too late for that now. Either way, I do think Cory Montieth’s death did mess up a lot of the plot, but either way the show would be running on empty with or without that happening.

    Let’s face it, shows with high school characters, no matter how successful, always end up having to work around inevitable plot points so they can find a way to keep the cast together. It happened years ago on The Facts of Life when Blair and Jo graduated Eastland, they had to change the setting to the girls helping Mrs. Garret run a bake shop in order to keep everyone together, and with a different example like Smallville, they had Clark Kent abruptly end his training at the crystal cave because they wanted to prolong the show with the characters they had and shove the prophecy in our face.

    Unless the show can benefit from a change, the producers have to make a choice. Either they convince themselves that it’s time for closure, or they can give in to the network executives and produce more seasons that makes people yearn for the older episodes on online streams. At least with Glee, the former happened when it did.

  4. Steve says:

    A dull show really is a special kind of bummer. You can’t laugh at or learn from the show’s mistakes, and you don’t even have the joy of telling a good “you won’t believe what I sat through” story.

  5. Glee is one of those shows that just wouldn’t die no matter how much of a shambling jason vorhees like zombie it became.

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