TV Trash: Gilligan’s Planet

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale… a very very stupid tale…

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  1. When the Saturday morning commercial bumpers being used by CBS back then were more entertaining than the cartoons they surrounded, that’s a problem. It’s an even bigger problem when this same studio made Young Sentinels and The Freedom Force cartoons years earlier with somewhat better effort than what was seen here and those two shows, while far from the best I have seen, at least demonstrated that Filmation was the first to crack and show they were fed up with parent’s groups and network standards and practices telling them how to entertain kids when they knew full well they were doing quite the opposite.

    You at least have to give Lou Scheimer credit for caring about his staff enough to at least keep them on the payroll and give them something to work on as they hold out for the chance to work on something better eventually, and that something was being worked on as this aired on TV.

  2. As someone who usually defends Filmation for their writing, character models, and having better special effects that some live-action shows (instead of just drawing a laser blast or something) I can’t really defend this one. It’s sad, really. Filmation’s action shows are some of the highlights of my childhood but their comedies always fell flat for me.

    Best example I can give is The New Adventures Of Mighty Mouse. When it went into superhero action, even when it was goofy, it was still fun. When it tried to set up with comedy it wasn’t very good, and it was originally aired alongside a remake of Heckle and Jeckle as well as an original show called Quackula, which was just about a vampire duck who liked scaring his upstairs neighbor every night for no good reason. But their superhero and sci-fi shows, including their low-budget live-action shows, were quite enjoyable and they weren’t afraid to take some risks, like the first black superheroes (who were also married–take that modern comic writers), a Tarzan that is closer to the books than any of the movies from what I hear, and my favorite Saturday morning show, Flash Gordon. At least until the second season when NBC’s marketing department ruined everything..

  3. TV Trashman says:

    Something tells me that Tina Louise is so glad that she went to the Rick Moranis not voicing as Dark Helmet in G4’s Spaceballs: The Animated Series route by not voicing her animated counterpart of Ginger Grant in both The New Adventures of Gilligan and Gillign’s Planet.

    Also not to challenge you Mr. Moore, but speaking on the first subject in general, you do realize that there was another short-lived Gillian’s Island based cartoon that came before Gilligan’s Planet called The New Adventures of Gilligan which (according to Wikipedia) ran on ABC Saturday Morning from September 7, 1974 until October 6, 1975 right?

    Cause if so, I hope that we can all see the next review of it in all its unholy Island-Hopping failure…next time on TV Trash!

    • rowdycmoore says:

      Well, I briefly did mention the first cartoon in this video, but I don’t know very much about it.

      • TV Trashman says:

        I want to apologize about The New Adventures of Gilligan debacle Mr. Moore, I though that you probably might forgotten about it, but again I’m sorry.

        To be fair here, and I usually don’t ask this, but is their any chance in the future that you’ll review either Hammerman or the Kid ‘n Play animated series from the 90s?

        It’s clearly obvious that Rap/Hip Hop music may not be your taste and Hammerman may have been reviewed by some critic’s on Youtube like the Nostalgia Critic, Mr. Enter and Rob the Wonderful but I’m curious to know what’s your opinion on this…but if you don’t have the time to o o I understand.

        • rowdycmoore says:

          I didn’t really have plans to review them any time soon. I’ve been looking more at other cartoons from the 70s as far as other animated shows to review.

  4. Steve says:

    Maybe they were going for a classic “out of the frying pan, into the fire” by stranding them in a more unpredictable place, but something tells me that wasn’t the best franchise to try that with.

    If I was charged with moving the Gilligan crew in a place that makes sense thematically but still could be done as a kids’ show of the era, I might pick a volcano (there would feasibly be one on an island). Or maybe some underwater society. Perhaps their escape boat got wrecked and they got rescued by… I dunno, Atlantis mermaids? Still just as silly but at least there is a reason the characters would be on/over water at some point.

  5. Jason Waguespack says:

    A bit of trivia: This was actually Filmation’s swan song from network Saturday morning. From here on it was all first run syndication for their shows until the studio was closed.

    • That kind of makes me wonder if they deliberately made this to fight off network interest so they could concentrate on better shows. Filmation might have seen where television animation was going with independent stations increasing their outreach and with cable networks like Nickelodeon going on the air and wanted to be a step ahead of Hanna Barbera, not knowing they would have to compete with DIC and Sunbow for animation quality and affection.

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