TV Trash: Ghost Busters

Who you gonna call?? Wait, not these guys…

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9 Responses to TV Trash: Ghost Busters

  1. I knew it was matter of time before this episode showed up. And the worst thing about the “Pretend” Ghostbusters (as I liked to call them) it is that some of us who knew how to read at the age of 4 could read a TV listing and get the wrong idea about what the show is about, and then turn to Channel 31 and go WHAT?!! I watched the 1984 Ghostbusters movie before I saw the Real Ghostbusters cartoon, and because of this at the age of 5 I had a good vocabulary understanding of what a real deal was.

    That being said, it’s too bad time machines don’t exist. We could alter the future by finding a way to have Sid and Marty Krofft produce the 1975 Ghostbusters instead. That way, Filmation would have debuted a more successful show in 1986 and perhaps remain in business through at least 1993.

  2. peteman12 says:

    Minor nitpick: it’s not the same gorilla, IIRC, they call him Jr., suggesting he’s the original’s child.

    • rowdycmoore says:

      Well, then the Wikipedia page on the show got it wrong, because that’s where I got the info that it’s the same Tracy. Not that I’m saying Wikipedia can’t be wrong, definitely not the case there…

  3. Robbie Walker says:

    25:26 – 25:45: You don’t suppose that Chris Lee Moore is actually gonna review the Rainbow Brite Reboot, go on in talking about what made the original so special, and then say that the reboot is an insult to the original?

  4. Zarus Tyran says:

    I saw this cartoon show as a kid myself and I still wonder why the Human was Kong and not the Gorilla?

  5. SpiderTaz says:

    Did you say you have a crossover episode in the works?

  6. Neville Ross says:

    Better then what Stephanie Meyer came up with? Sorry Rowdy, no it’s not. I’d rather finish my copy of Twilight and finish seeing my downloaded copy of Twilight than see this caca again-this was the nadir of the 1970’s live-action Saturday morning shows, and you’re right to diss it.

    What gets me is the animated sequel to this, which was made to capitalize on The Real Ghostbusters-which Filmation knew was better than their concept-becoming more popular than the original and becoming beloved by a generation of fans, and also showing up in fan art on deviantArt and even also showing up as cosplay ( and; there’s also this pic too ( The live-action Disney shows are bad? At least Good Luck Charlie (to cite one example) featured the first lesbian couple on an episode of it, and they weren’t doing really stupid shit (or at least on many of the shows, when they did weird stuff it made sense.) This show was as bad as The Lost Saucer, Far Out Space Nuts, and The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show.

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