TV Trash: Galaxy High School

High school IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!!!!! Yeah, guess what decade this came from…

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4 Responses to TV Trash: Galaxy High School

  1. Jason Waguespack says:

    So the show’s first title was supposed to be High School 2525? Well, at least we were spared a rendition of “In the year 2525” as the show’s theme.

    BTW, that blue bearded scientist guy (around 8:56 in the vid) has the same voice as Dr. Von Geezer from the Ducktales episode “The Right Duck.”

  2. You finally did it Rowdy, for the first time I’m completely disagreeing with you.

    Honestly, I don’t think you believe this is one of the worst things to ever air as much as I have honestly never watched a number of the shows you review, but I think this is a show I would have enjoyed watching regularly had I not been fixed on the channel with the chipmunks. I think the main thing that held it back was that it debuted two years after Kidd Video which is a more notable 1980s example of a cartoon with unusual looking characters, and if Galaxy High aired on NBC instead in time slot right after Kidd Video it might have been more successful which would have been good since it was more capable of being timeless and not subject to royalty concerns. And while you may have a point about the numerous characters they at least showed they were developing certain ones that would carry the show as it would have eventually gone like other shows and cartoons do.

    So yeah, it wouldn’t be my all time favorite cartoon but I actually found myself liking this one, this show did it’s best given the kid audience it was aiming for and they were at least trying. They could have sorted out things more in development, but trying too hard is often better than not trying at all.

    • rowdycmoore says:

      It’s definitely not a “bad” show, and I probably didn’t do a great job getting that across. I admit this one was kind of rushed, and I had to do a lot of editing on it for one reason or another. What I will say is that I think I get why it didn’t take off originally, but I see why it has built up somewhat of a cult following since.

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