TV Trash: Dungeons & Dragons

Will Rowdy need a high initiative roll to explain this cartoon?

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  1. This show should have been made for syndication. The reason He-Man, Mask, Transformers, and TMNT were put on afternoon and weekend syndication was because it was the only way to for the characters to perform in the way they were envisioned. Parent’s groups like Action for Children’s Television had already done their damage by the early 1980s, so I’m sure it was more so CBS’s standards and practices department that was telling the producers what they could do with D&D.

    Of course I haven’t seen Blackstar which aired on CBS a year before, so maybe I’ll have to wait for your inevitable review of that before you agree with my thought.

    • Jason Waguespack says:

      The D&D cartoon came out in 1983, which was just when the toon-syndication boom was starting out, so it’s probably not a surprise that the makers of the show thought network TV was still the best way to go at the time.

      Sheesh, this is the second time I’ve learned that network censors banned pointy objects in a cartoon, with Janine’s glasses in Real Ghostbusters being the first. Was there a rulebook of all this stuff that the network censors read from?

      • That’s understandable, especially since Marvel animation was successful with Spiderman and His Amazing Friends which was on NBC at the time. Still, given the newly emerging possibilities they could have had a better product if they had waited a couple of years to produce the show.

  2. Zarus Tyran says:

    I’ve read from other materials that Tiamat was pretty accurate to the games with only one error. Tiamat suppose to be a chick. Still a funny error and it was nice to see your written article for Mr. Enter.

  3. Antiyonder says:

    1. I believe one episode explained that the passage of time differed between the kid’s world and the realm, thus from their parent’s point of view they might be missing, but not for long.

    2. Honestly I’d say the fans of this show get a better deal than Alf fans in that Reaves actually gave the script outlining the planned finale.

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