TV Trash: Drawn Together

They’re not bad, they’re just… no, they’re all bad.

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  1. Zarus Tyran says:

    I personally have a fondness for the Total Drama series, because they often take the concept of reality TV to the ludicrous level. This only spoke to me when I was still thinking with my hormones.

  2. SpiderTaz says:

    I felt Tara Strong completely wasted her talent on this piece of garbage.

    • SpiderTaz says:

      Want a shock comedy show that has actual story? Check out Panty and Stocking. You may not have heard of this anime but Drawn Together had birthed Panty and Stocking when the producers at Gainax got drunk one night. The show does contain South Park-levels of foul language, uber-insane action, and has at least one episode having toilet humor but there is story and character development. If that show isn’t your cup o’ joe, that’s fine, but Panty and Stocking has far better writing than Drawn Together will ever have.

    • TV Trashman says:

      Well SpiderTaz, I guess that you might as well add Tara Strong’s *ahem* “childhood friend” Cree Summer to the mix of the “wasted her talent on this piece of garbage” category as well.

      P.S. IMHO, I Think that “a.k.a Betty Boop wannabe” Toot Braunstein (also voiced by Tara Strong as well go figure) is the “Meg Griffin” of Drawn Together although she was never considered “eye candy” material in the first place to begin with.

    • CarlBloke says:

      I wholeheartedly agree SpiderTaz. Not just Tara strong but Cree Summers as well. I feel bad how they got roped into this mess of a cartoon. It’s honestly a shame how the producer or whoever was in charge of this roped in such talented and blessed VAs to do this trainwreck wasting and soiling their talent. Its honestly great how Tara is now voicing Twilight Sparkle in MLP one of my favorite cartoon shows to date

      • TV Trashman says:

        Not to be rude CarlBloke, but I just briefly mentioned both Tara and Cree on the post above you.

        But then again, people need a little reminder every now and then so no worries here.

        • CarlBloke says:

          Oh right I forgot you already mentioned it. Sorry but I just needed to vent how much I hate this. I just felt bad for how they got roped in to this

          • TV Trashman says:

            Again It’s all good CarlBloke, no need to apologize.

            But of course both Tara and Cree respectively did do some other animated Adult series as well.

  3. Robert Brohan says:

    Two of the big reasons why I love watching you is that, you show me that I’m not crazy for hating shock humor and you advocate for better entertainment.

    Drawn Together is just mean spirited shock humor and it seems that the people who made it went to the Seltzerberg school of parody.

    • TV Trashman says:

      Bottom line is folks, unless if your South Park, original animated programs on Comedy Central are treated in poor taste by given the middle finger.

      even reruns of other short-lived off-network animated programs that are shifted into midnight slot are never be sparred either (i.e. The Critic, The Tick, Duckman, Clerks: The Animated Series, Gary and Mike etc.)

  4. Kk says:

    I don know why used to love this

  5. I hate this show, but I kinda watched some part of the episode because the Latin Amercia Dub is sooo good!

    Tootsie Toots in the latin america dub have a man-voice who add more comedy

  6. Emily J. says:

    This had a good idea in theory, but the execution is dead wrong for the most part. Did they have to screw up the continuity so much every few episodes? Also, Toot’s thighs make me feel self-conscious…

    At least South Park knows what it does, even if it has been taking itself too seriously for years.

  7. TV Trashman says:

    In addition Emily J, Toot’s thighs will also make you lose your lunch.

    Just Saying!

  8. You know that expression about how minds being in the gutter? All these similar shows have their minds in the medical waste bin.

  9. TV Trashman says:

    This somehow best describe all modern day cartoons now-a-days.

  10. diegoamateur says:


  11. Peri . says:

    I really respect you for having the honesty to admit there are concretely good things about South Park even though you don’t personally like it, although I am curious about something: where do you stand on Rick & Morty and Bojack Horseman?
    Despite the fact they both use a lot of shock humour, they’ve garnered a lot of respect for having deeper storytelling than your average adult cartoon, and I wonder whether you agree with that assessment.

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