TV Trash: Descendants

Prepare to have your childhood killed. AGAIN.

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  1. Zarus Tyran says:

    Since I have a niece I can say watch the webisodes and specials on YouTube and Netflix if you want an example of how to do this gag RIGHT!!!

  2. Riana says:

    It was nice knowing you. You’re gonna get killed for this.

  3. The video doesn’t seem to be coming up for me. Like not even the embed.

  4. Video working now. I had a feeling this would be lame and it appears I was right. There are also some CG shorts forming I think a serialized tale of the villain kids ending up back on the isle, but I only saw them in the hospital because there were so few channels. It’s not something I’d look for, but I did find out Girl Meets World is a proper successor to Boy Meets World, which I hadn’t expected.

  5. Leah Coleman says:

    So do you hate monster high and ever after high, because I love those shows! I didn’t hate the movie and the songs weren’t horrible but yeah the hype for this film was not needed and some of the chracters are bland.

    • rowdycmoore says:

      I haven’t read Monster High, but yes I did enjoy the Ever After High books. That’s kind of the point I was bringing across in this review; those books know how to tackle the deconstructionist theme RIGHT; this movie does it horribly WRONG.

      • Leah Coleman says:

        Lol yeah I thought that too which baffles as to why some people say this film is better then ever after high! Crazy right? The EAH series is a show first too and really good and tackles a girl who has a villian parent but wants to be good, Mal is just following her mother. I like the movie but I do see you made great points. Do you think I could write a good review off this film like you did? I don’t think I could top yours.

  6. Leah Coleman says:

    Wait a minute… I know you didn’t touch upon this but why is Creulla black?! I get it they had to cast whoever they could but in every story ever Cruella had pale skin, red lips and black white hair, she wasn’t black!

    • rowdycmoore says:

      Well, I did make that brief joke about her being cast with “some Eartha Kitt lookalike,” but that was it. The even bigger stumper to me was casting a black woman as Aurora’s mother.

      • Leah Coleman says:

        To be 100% honest I think the only reason they made Aurora’s mother and Aubrey black was to add diversity. But there is a book series where Sleeping Beauty is a main character and in it is depicted as having dark skin so that didn’t bother me so much. What annoyed me is them making Creulla black and the son white (or Mexican)! It makes no sense to me to do that because when everyone thinks of Creulla DeVille we see a cold woman who has pale white skin, red frail lips, and black/white hair and when I saw the son… Carlos lol omg he really is Mexican! He had white hair which made sense. It’s like they just casted random people without any thought. Another criticism you brought up that I just noticed is why is Jafar turning his son into a thief? To get back at Aladdin? In the film (the og) he was depicted as a regal man who wanted order and power why not make the son just as power hungry and controlling? And if you look at the son he does look a lot like Aladdin?! Did Jafar kidnap Aladdin’s son and he just doesn’t know? Lastly while Dove Cameron wasn’t a bad actress I wish they had went deeper into her character, she was the lead. Lol don’t get me started on the male love interest, wow was he bland!

  7. Steve says:

    Thankfully I have never heard of this movie. You’re such a nice guy, taking the bullet for us!

    Zippcast is working great, by the way.

  8. Ryan says:

    I kinda like Mal

  9. That Geek With The CliP-Ons says:

    I don’t even get the insecurity angle with June, she’s not ugly! Yeah her wardrobe may be a bit drabby, but other than that she looks fine. They didn’t even bother giving her glasses to add to the so called “ugly duckling” angle (not that glasses are unattractive, my girlfriend wears glasses and she’s beautiful). Maybe if they made her up to look a bit more plain, but we can’t have that in a modern tween show/movie, everyone has to be aesthetically pleasing! And overlooking Cruella being black, they didn’t even get her hair right! Her hair is supposed to be half black and half white, not just a big patch of gray on one side. How do you fuck that up!?

  10. ShoeboxyOne says:

    Remember, kids – as long as your PARENTS are evil, it’s totally okay to justify banishing you to an island that is a third-world country. …Come to think of it, aren’t a lot of these people dead? Jafar – Dead. Maleficent – Dead. Evil Queen – Dead. Wouldn’t it have been a lot more merciful and “good” to leave them pushing up daises instead of banishing them to an island without things like electricity, money, or internet?

  11. TV Trashman says:

    And yet these people will never be forgiven on how they butchered Win, Lose or Draw as Disney Win, Lose or Draw by puling a “FremantleMedia” out of their stink holes for this “reboot” in 2014.

    And oh dear god don’t even get me started with those pun-filled rounds called “Follow You Art” and “Draw-obstacle Course”. it makes Teen Win, Lose or Draw look like a classic.

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