TV Trash: Darkwing Duck Hot Spells

When there’s a banned show, you call Rowdy C’s show…

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  1. Zarus Tyran says:

    This episodes shows the modern problem that if you do stories with zombies and vampires these days it, they will be dead on arrival. But seriously this shows the downside to Standards and Practice. It makes people afraid to take chances. This is shown in how you still have to skirt around non-hetero relationships in children’s television when they can see it by looking outside their windows.

  2. I remember watching more than once an episode of Animaniacs where the trio spent time in Hell giving the devil so much of a hard time that they ended going up to Heaven and met.. I’ll be a dear and hold that thought.

    But seriously, what good is it to ban an episode because it carries a single hint of a religious connection? I have noticed growing up that in cartoon episodes where people get married, it’s usually the only time the inside of a church is ever shown on a cartoon. I mean it’s one thing not to air a cartoon series if the main purpose of it is to preach religious beliefs, given that the network wouldn’t want to be accused of advocating one side. But if a cartoon character were to say that he/she was unable to watch something on TV because of church, that character should just say that and simply put, people will understand. That’s naturally how real life works and it should work in a cartoon without issue whatsoever.

    If kids are going to be open minded, they need to be allowed to see everything in context and understand why it’s there, but if they are forced to learn by a restricted means then they will either rebel or become extremist darlings of their parents, thus why we have social problems in the world today. Suppressing the existence of ANY religion doesn’t do anything to make us a more tolerant society either, it actually makes us less understanding of how the world works and more intolerant in the long run. In a free country it’s our choice how we live our lives, and we can only embrace that notion when other points of view are shown to us.

  3. Jason Waguespack says:

    Re: the ep airing on ABC rather than on weekdays. That’s actually weird since Network Saturday morning was supposed to be more restrictive than syndicated weekday runs were. I thought it’d be easier to bury an episode on say, Thursday or Friday, and then just forget about it.

    I should also point out Animaniacs portrayed the devil (actually calling him Satan!) and had most of the short taking place in Hell. So Disney uber fails here.

    Disney did finally complete Talespin and Gargoyles not too long ago, so I hold out hope that they’ll finish off Darkwing, Ducktales, and Chip N Dale someday.

  4. Dave says:

    I remember watching this episode three or four times because the channel that broadcast Darkwing Duck in my area was a small independent local UHF/VHF broadcaster (KVOS TV12 in Bellingham Washington) that bought syndicated programming when it was in its first run and would then re-air every episode of the series for years.

  5. Robbie Walker says:

    Really, RowdyC? You couldn’t figure out that the Entrance to Level 7 is a lake? Let alone use a Warp Whistle for it?:

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