TV Trash: Coupling

It’s time to go after perhaps, perhaps, perhaps the most infamous US adaptation ever made.

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13 Responses to TV Trash: Coupling

  1. Emily J. says:

    This show looks lazy, dull, and everything in-between. By the way, the subtitles are in Swedish (I think), not German.

  2. Riana says:

    I know Rena Sofer played Nathan’s wife on Heroes for the first season, where she was actually bearable, but written out for season 2 and replaced with an unlikable love interest (who was played by the same actress as a woman Nathan had already hooked up with)

  3. So you’re now going to make it a standard that you tell people what you review next episode? Cool, keeps me watching.

    As for Coupling, more than anything it had no substance or original ideas. And when it comes to adapting shows, you’re right about the originals being accessible, my mom watches BBC shows on Netflix that are far better than Coupling. Plus if people want to watch a British TV show or any show from another country, they would do so with the mindset that they will have to embrace a different culture. The reason Japanese culture is popular for example is because anime has a young fan base, and Nintendo, Sega, and other video game makers originate from there. But if Americans feel that something has to be remade because it’s the only way we’ll accept it, well that should only be if what is created becomes something original or at least BETTER than what exists or there’s no point. Maybe some elements of a TV show are only meant to work with the culture of the nation the original show is produced in.

  4. ColeYote says:

    Speaking of unlikeable d-bag protagonists in UK sitcoms with American adaptations, have you seen the American version of The Inbetweeners? Ironically, problem is they tried too hard to make the protagonists likeable. Obscene is one of the first words you’d use to describe ’em in the original. Somehow they made it work.

    • ColeYote says:

      Thinking about it, I think one of the reasons it worked is because they had the characters buying into all this stereotypical crap, and were comically inept with girls (and social situations in general) because of it.

  5. ColeYote says:

    Oh. A GamerGate joke. Please tell me you’re not an MRA.

    • rowdycmoore says:

      I am neither an MRA or an SJW. I make my own observations and come to my own conclusions on each issue individually, but I grow tired of the extremism on both of those parties.

      • ColeYote says:

        Well, I guess that’s a reasonable way of looking at it. Personally, I just want that whole thing to die already.

      • Brian says:

        And by make your own conclusions you apparently meant you just take the ramblings of a bitter ex-boyfriend at face value.

  6. SpiderTaz says:

    I do have a request for a review for you. In the near future, can you review The Crow: Stairway to Heaven? I would love to hear your honest thoughts about the show and The Crow property in general.

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