TV Trash: Brian’s Death

We interrupt our normal reviewing schedule to comment on the big shocker that hit the TV world thanks to Family Guy.

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16 Responses to TV Trash: Brian’s Death

  1. comicfan67 says:

    I do agree with your thoughts on fans being callous about characters they don’t like dying. But I disagree with your thoughts on Aunt May dying. Peter would certainly TRY to save her, no doubt. But I feel the fans that wanted her to die did so, at least in part, because the argument is that her death would’ve made Peter grow up. She was the last tie to his old life of teenage-hood, and frankly, her spirit makes it clear to Peter she WANTS to die and be with Uncle Ben. But Peter makes a selfish, stupid decision because HE doesn’t want that, and ruins his character. Compared to that, the loss of a character that didn’t have much impact or purpose in the comics anymore didn’t seem so bad.

    • rowdycmoore says:

      I guess this is something we will have to agree to disagree with. Because to me, it’s the fact that she was MURDERED and the murder was in some small part Peter’s fault. I can see how some would see that doing whatever it tales to save her seems “selfish” (and again, I don’t agree with the Deal with Mephisto at all), but I just don’t get this attitude by so many fans that being “selfless” means having to accept that he will be responsible for the death of every single person he cares about and that he must spend his entire life alone, miserable and hated by everyone in the world. It’s one of the big reasons I can’t really get into Spider-Man.

      • comicfan67 says:

        Oh it’s certainly not selfless, hell it’s damn selfish when everyone has to die so YOU can live the life you want. And Peter truly does act selfishly here. Granted anyone would try to save May, but this was in spite of her TELLING HIM (in spirit form) that she was ready to move on and that he didn’t need her anymore. I think Linkara said what I’m trying to get at the best- Peter reacts to death like a teenager, and never actually takes responsibility for it. He gets mad, swears it will never happen again, and doesn’t change anything to actually accomplish this. Look at the setup for OMD- Peter reveals himself to the world without thinking about how it would affect the people he cares about, then yells at Tony Stark when things go bad. Accepting May’s death could have made him take action to be more responsible in dividing his identities or even picking one to be all the time. I’m not asking him to be miserable, I’m asking him to stop acting like a teenager and act like a grown up.

  2. T says:

    The more people get what they want, the more predictable television becomes. And the fact that people can start assuming what will happen by what they see just shows that the producers have nothing new to give. Fox needs to stop feeding Seth MacFarlane’s ego if they know what is good for them.

    • Riana says:

      They don’t because if they did Dads wouldn’t be on the air. Hope to see a future episode on the show. It seems like the prayers of its cancellation are being answered.

  3. Grace says:

    I see comments like this in anime fandoms all the time. “X character is annoying so s/he should die.” That is cruel and heartless even to a fictional character. I don’t particularly like the character of Sasuke, but I wouldn’t want him to get killed off just because of that; mainly because I like Naruto and wouldn’t want to see him suffer when Sasuke dies. Disliking a character doesn’t justify killing them. As a writer, each character you create is like a member of your own family. They aren’t tools to be callously disposed of.

    • That’s not even just anime they did that with game of thrones too with the nasty prince Joeffery and yeah he’s a hated character and i was happy when he died, but come on people! The actor is super nice like angelic nice but I’ve seen people hating on him too. It’s crazy.

  4. Zarus Tyran says:

    I completely with your attitude about Brian’s death, I found unfunny irony in the part about Spider-Man. The idea of a person’s love one’s dying because of who they are and there being nothing they do about it is the problem police officer have to deal with when facing the mafia. This is why letting Aunt May die doesn’t work because that problem is why costume characters wear masks in the first place.

  5. zetta says:

    please re-upload this

  6. Lani says:

    I have to agree I hate when characters are killed off on a whim what ever happened to putting characters on a bus. I never got the hate for wesley crusher but at least when they did finally take him off the show they simply had him leave the enterprise if he had died his mother Beverly (a minor character in the show I might add) would have have probably been devastated to lose both her husband and son to starfleet.

  7. Richard Nimz says:

    Would it be wrong of me to say I wasn’t surprised when Brian came back from the dead? Probably because I was thinking of comic books.

  8. Rainbow Moonglow says:

    Even though I agree with you up to a point, I have to disagree with you about character death. Not all character deaths are done out of malice, or even desired for such a reason. I don’t necessarily have a problem with character deaths, and think they can be done well as long as it’s

    In the case of Brian’s death and eventual revival, I have to agree with MysteriousMrEnter in saying that this was leverage on the part of the people behind Family Guy. They probably knew that even with a significant number of fans and former fans of the show hating what Brian had become, there was also a pretty big number of fans of the show who would be sad to see him go. With this story arc, no one can ever complain about Brian being terrible or Seth McFarlane’s mouthpiece, or else they’ll either kill him again, or kill someone else. They’ve proven that they can and will injure or kill characters for audience sympathy and views. I would say that bringing Brian back is the worst case of knocking things back to the status quo I’ve seen on Family Guy, but Seahorse Seashell Party exists.

    • Rainbow Moonglow says:

      Hit post too soon. I meant to say, “I don’t necessarily have a problem with character deaths, and think they can be done well as long as it’s not for shock value, author boredom, or audience manipulation”.

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