TV Trash: Bonkers

Once upon a time in Toontown, did this show start The Disney Afternoon’s decline?

NOTE: One of my viewers who is much better than I am at research has since provided me with an article that further delves into the production issues this show had and why the Miranda episodes were made first and later had to be put in replacing the Lucky episodes. It’s too late for me to include these details in the review video itself, but you can read the details here.

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  1. It’s hard to say how much Bonkers had an effect on the Disney Afternoon especially since Gargoyles hadn’t yet premiered, but I do think the failure of cohesion was also reflective of how much harder it was becoming for Disney to come up with new material on that block in a changing animation landscape. And on the broadcast front, a lot of us were migrating over to Fox Kids and were watching Power Rangers, Batman, and Animaniacs, and with the looming Kids WB the Disney Afternoon was about to become homeless in some markets.

    So either way, time was catching up and with how demanding the Disney Afternoon block was it was clear that Disney had to change priorities which happened with the conversion of the Disney Channel into an unscrambled commercial network as well as the debut of One Saturday Morning on ABC although I wish they never took ownership of that network in the first place.

  2. Antiyonder says:

    Whether it’s because one likes Bonkers or just wants to see all Disney Afternoon or past material in general released, I’d say support as much of the currently existing DVDs as possible.

    All of Talespin, The Weekenders and Gargoyles (bar The Goliath Chronicles) is available on DVD, as well as the following:
    – Gummi Bears Volume 1
    – Ducktales Volume 1-3 and Treasure of the Lost Lamp
    – Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers Volume 1-2
    – Darkwing Duck Volume 1-2
    – Kim Possible Volume 1-2 and So the Drama

  3. Mick says:

    Hey could you at some point do reviews of Kids WB, Fox Kids, and/or Toonami? Those are blocks the Nostalgia Critic won’t touch.

  4. Bonkers leaves me confuses. I liked Miranda more than Lucky because she was a toon fangirl and not a rehash of Eddie Valiant but the Lucky episodes were better written and a better idea. I think I would have liked both Lucky and Miranda involved in the show, though, because I still like Lucky.but would like to see better Miranda episodes. Or have the Miranda part be a return to TV based on his earlier career and his time as a police officer.

    And please tell me I’m not the only one who got the “Miranda Wright” joke.

  5. Dave says:

    There’s actually a reason why Bonkers so closely resembles Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

    It was originally conceived in 1989 as a television spinoff of the movie but there were legal issues and a five year long lawsuit that shelved the show.

    If it had come out as intended in 1989 it would have probably been a very popular program but because it sat for five years tastes had changed and kids who would have loved it at five or six years old (like me) were put off by it and younger kids didn’t like it either.

    But at least its nowhere near as unbearable to watch as Stop the Smoggies was.

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