TV Trash: Allen Gregory

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  1. James Faraci says:

    After this one, I decided to reflect on what I’ve been doing with my life!

  2. Why does Allen’s dad- the bald one, rip off the design of Dr.Venture in The Venture Bros?

  3. Rainbow Moonglow says:

    I missed this one. If the badness is no exaggeration, then I likely dodged a bullet.

  4. darkrage6 says:

    I don’t hate this show, but I certainly wouldn’t call it good either, I laughed a few times, but those were few and far between, this show does not enrage me like say Teen Titans Go does(mostly because the creators take such delight in shitting all over fans of the original show and rubbing it in their faces as much as possible in episodes like Return of Slade and Lets Get Serious.

    BTW Homeboys is an underrated show.

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