TV Trash: ALF’s Animated Adventures

It’s finally time to show you the greatest cartoon you may never have seen…

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  1. You raise good points in that there was already something to work with but having to believe that the characters seen aside from Alf all died didn’t sit well with some of us, and it’s kind of why I never got into the cartoon myself. If you think about it, this cartoon was probably the reason the live action show had to have Alf reconnect with his kind, because it raised guilt with the creator.

    Either way, the live action show was more entertaining. Cartoons were nothing new when the show premiered and at a time when animation was starting to make good impressions again it took more than a moving drawing to impress. But when done right puppetry can provide a more magical experience because it feels like you are looking at something that is real and that’s why the show was a hit at the time and why I liked it myself.

    As for a revival, well I don’t want to be ungrateful but there has been a CGI version of the character in development by Sony being directed by the same person behind the CGI Smurfs. Chances are you are going to be sorry you wished for it.

    • rowdycmoore says:

      I’ve heard talk about that movie, and there seems to be some doubt as to whether it will actually get made. I’ll say this: If a movie like that could lead to the original series AND the cartoon getting full, uncut DVD releases, that alone would make it worth it.

  2. Steve says:

    I recently found out Alf got a talk show about ten years ago:

    Ever seen it?

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