TV Trash: Adventures of Digger and Friends

Looney Tunes meets The Dukes of Hazzard? How is this going to sell auto racing to kids?

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2 Responses to TV Trash: Adventures of Digger and Friends

  1. Zarus Tyran says:

    Ever catch NASCAR Racers? I think that was an even crazier concept.

  2. I didn’t really start to resonate with this until you emphasized your point of when these were shown and not why they were made. I’m not a big NASCAR fan so I would not have seen these when they were shown originally, but it does have that feeling of being shoved in the face of the viewers who don’t want to see things like this while waiting for the one thing they turned on the TV for. It’s the reason why variety shows like Ed Sullivan went off the air, people wanted to watch shows geared toward their interest and no longer had the patience to sit through undesirable acts just so they can watch their favorite rock band lip-sync their hit song for a few minutes.

    Plus, on the subject of auto-racing there have always been kids that have been into it since first exposure, and it’s a concept that is capable of being twisted into other forms of creativity such as with Mario Kart and Speed Racer. Digger and Friends is a step backward in that respect because it’s main purpose is to glorify NASCAR just because of what the character was originally created for, so I don’t really agree that making a cartoon series would have been any better of an idea, although I admit it would probably be better than ProStars just because of the emphasis on original characters.

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