TV Trash: A Charlie Brown Christmas

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  1. It’s neither the worst or the best Charlie Brown special in my view, but it’s one that most people identify with and it succeeded because in it’s time it carried more unique elements than most Saturday morning cartoons would dare have and had one of the best music soundtracks that my parents and I still listen to. I tune in of course just to watch Lucy and Snoopy interact during the costume handout, that little bit is the funniest moment in the special.

    The one thing I’ve always wondered about is at the beginning of the part when Charlie Brown and Lucy talk, after she brushes the snow off her desk she turns over the sign and it says The Doctor is “REAL IN”, usually it says just IN but what does “REAL IN” mean? I’ve wondered that ever since Kindergarten.

    • Steve says:

      I always wondered that too. But seeing that aluminum trees existed at some point, maybe it’s another example of 60s culture that has been lost?

  2. redmess22 says:

    The Cheshire Cat Snoopy gag actually appeared in the comics in the late 60’s.

    • rowdycmoore says:

      Yeah, I’m finding a out a lot more of the stories from Charlie Brown and Snoopy came out of the comics than I thought. Keep in mind there’s no way I’ve read all of the comics given how long the strip ran.

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